“It Made a Big Difference When I Switched to CDPHP!”


Laura G. is learning the importance of taking care of her health.

When Laura met Ariffa Bevin, a Community Advocate at CDPHP, the two immediately started talking about the importance of getting routine care. Those conversations encouraged Laura to take the next steps to get healthier, including seeing a primary care doctor on a regular basis, who she trusts and likes going to see.

“It made a big difference when I switched to CDPHP,” Laura said.

Laura is one of the many people Ariffa works with at outreach locations throughout the Capital Region, including more than half a dozen sites in Schenectady. Ariffa worked with Laura to schedule a routine mammogram – and even helped to ease Laura’s nerves before the appointment so that she wouldn’t cancel.

Laura has attended classes led by Ariffa, as well as CDPHP quality nurses. That includes a #Healthy4Life class, one of many Ariffa leads each month at locations throughout the Capital Region. Ariffa talks with groups at community organizations – some are CDPHP members, some are not – about the questions to ask at their doctor’s visit, information about their health coverage, resources that are available to them in their neighborhood, and other tips designed to keep them healthy.

Because of that outreach, and the positive experience she’s had with Ariffa, Laura now encourages friends to make their health a priority, and to get some help doing so.

“Whenever I call CDPHP, they’re really helpful,” Laura said before taking her own advice, turning to Ariffa, and asking her for help to schedule an eye exam and a dental visit.

If you’re a CDPHP member, and need help scheduling a doctor’s appointment, call us at (518) 641-3280, or learn more about the ways CDPHP can help you to stay healthy.

Want to switch to CDPHP? Get a personal plan quote, including free and low cost options if you’re eligible!

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