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Health care spending

Spending More on Medical Care

CDPHP® works hard to ensure our administrative costs are not our members’ burden, and that we spend a vast majority of your premium dollars on medical care. For the fourth year in a row, CDPHP has spent more than federal and state requirements on our members’ medical care and exceeded the standards for medical loss ratio. continue reading

Medical arms race

Medical Arms Race

Have you ever lived in a neighborhood where it’s obvious that two people are competing over the nicest lawn or newest car? It’s fun to watch, right? You know these guys are doling out oodles of cash just to one-up each other. What’s not fun to watch is when this sort of thing happens in health care. continue reading

Health insurance rate hikes

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

When the price of a product is low, no one seems to care. But when product prices rise, everyone wants to know why. Suddenly, Congress is holding hearings, analysts are weighing in on major news networks, and the American public is paying attention. Rightfully so, you deserve to know where your hard-earned money is being spent. continue reading

drug costs

The True Culprits Behind Rising Generic Drug Costs

For years, health plans – like CDPHP – have encouraged members to request generic drugs as a way to save money. Generics, which are chemically identical to their brand-name counterparts, are created after a drug patent expires. They can often be sold at a fraction of the price because the manufacturer doesn’t assume the cost of developing the drug. However, the recent rise in the cost of many generic medications is causing major concern among health industry experts as doctors, patients, and health plans run out of alternatives for pricey prescriptions.

continue reading