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drug costs

The True Culprits Behind Rising Generic Drug Costs

For years, health plans – like CDPHP – have encouraged members to request generic drugs as a way to save money. Generics, which are chemically identical to their brand-name counterparts, are created after a drug patent expires. They can often be sold at a fraction of the price because the manufacturer doesn’t assume the cost of developing the drug. However, the recent rise in the cost of many generic medications is causing major concern among health industry experts as doctors, patients, and health plans run out of alternatives for pricey prescriptions.

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Price transparency

Price Transparency in Health Care

When you walk into a store, do you purchase the first item you see that meets your needs? Probably not. Depending on what kind of consumer you are, maybe you go from store to store, look for online deals, wait for sales, or comparison shop to get the best value for the lowest price. continue reading →