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Newly Diagnosed with MS? Learn to Confront Your ‘New Normal’

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), you’re likely experiencing a range of emotions, including anger, disbelief, frustration, helplessness, depression, bewilderment, and fear. These are entirely normal reactions, and you are certainly not alone, as approximately 400,000 people in the United States, and 2.5 million worldwide, have MS. The key to adapting to your new reality – your “new normal” – and living well is to educate yourself about the disease and avail yourself of the treatment options for modifying its course and managing symptoms. MS is a chronic disease, so until a cure is found, you will have it, but you don’t have to let the disease “have” you. continue reading →

The Healing Power of Pets

If you or your family owns a pet, you are probably pretty enthusiastic – even passionate – about your furry, feathery, or finned companion. When you get home from work or school, your pet is likely the first to greet you and the first living being you seek out, whether on good days or bad. continue reading →