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6 Ways I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone and Into Clothes I Haven’t Worn in a Decade

I eat A LOT. Years ago, when purchasing a new lunch box I had to ask the clerk to pretend I was a 6ʹ tall construction worker and stop suggesting dainty lunchboxes. During the work day, my very predictable breakfasts (yes, plural!), lunch, and snacks are all very healthy and consisted largely of fruits and vegetables. After hours and weekends, though? That’s when the gloves come off.

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Putting Herself First – Part 2

Earlier this Spring I wrote about my friend and colleague Sara Block as she took part in a 12-week heart health program called the BetterU Challenge. At the time, she was halfway through the program and finding the experience very rewarding. Now I’m checking back to see how she made out on the rest of her journey. Read about the first half here.

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Putting Herself First

One Mom’s Commitment to Better Health

Since 2010, I’ve been a proud team coach of Arterial Motives for the American Heart Association’s Capital Region Heart Walk & Run. I walk alongside my family and friends in memory of my dad and grandfather, as well as in honor of several loved ones who have overcome heart disease. I walk with my uncle who received a new heart two years ago. continue reading →

A Doodler's Journey

A Doodler’s Journey

As a kid, I drew and doodled constantly. My high school notebooks were crammed with illustrations filling the margins and any blank spaces. As a graphic design major, I took a ton of drawing classes in college. Despite all of the warnings from my professors, after graduation I largely stopped drawing and sketching.

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