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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

A tray of cookies. A basket of candies. A box of caramel corn. When it comes to gift-giving, good health isn’t always a top priority. But it can be. Show your family and loved ones how much you care with gifts from the heart – that also promote good health. continue reading →

Healthy Halloween

Your Guide to a Healthier Halloween

A healthy Halloween. Does such a thing exist? Or like vampires, goblins, and ghouls, is the idea pure fiction? Well, with a little planning, it can exist. In fact, this holiday of sweets and treats may be the ideal time to practice healthy habits that can better prepare you to avoid the temptations of the holiday season ahead. Below are some ideas, tips and tricks to “healthify” your Halloween. continue reading →

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool Safety

Summer is an ideal time to improve your health by making nutritious food choices and increasing your activity. The joys of summer – swimming, hiking, sun – are not without risk, however. Swimming pools in particular can be dangerous if you don’t use a little extra caution. continue reading →