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Your Member Newsletters: More Than Glossy Photos and Recipes

CDPHP® is excited to announce that we’ve refreshed our member newsletters. Most members should keep an eye out for CDPHP Thrive, but Medicare subscribers should look for CDPHP Best Life.

We know you get inundated with mail, but these newsletters are extremely important because they allow us to reach nearly our entire membership at the same time. And, our doing so saves money. Rather than sending a letter each time we need to make you aware of a benefit change or other important message, we can include it in our newsletters. So before you toss it aside, please give these communications a look – you might be glad you did!

Here are a few things to pay close attention to:

  • Benefit changes and updates – Each fall, most members should look for important benefit changes and updates in CDPHP Thrive. These changes often go into effect as of January 1 of the following year. If you have questions, you can contact member services at the front of your member ID card so you’re prepared when these changes occur.
  • Important notices – Newsletters include important notices about our privacy practices and your rights as a member, including the appeals process.
  • Survey results – CDPHP regularly surveys our members and providers to measure effectiveness and satisfaction, among other items. The results of these surveys are communicated so that you’re aware of how we’re doing as a health plan.
  • Public health messages –We’ll always remind you to get your flu shot and to schedule any recommended screenings and/or vaccinations for you and your family.
  • Recipes – Each issue of CDPHP Thrive and CDPHP Best Life will include a healthy recipe to add to your collection.

A note about the non-discrimination statement and multi-language taglines

You may have noticed an insert in recent issues of your member newsletter, as well as on important documents you receive from CDPHP. These items are mandates brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and you can read more about them here.

We want your feedback

CDPHP is committed to continuously improving the member experience, and refreshing the way we communicate is one of our top priorities. If you have feedback for us, we want to hear it. Consider joining CDPHP Insights – our vibrant online community of health care consumers. Open to members and non-members alike, you can answer a few questions about yourself and qualify to join. Surveys are sent to you regularly, and answers are used to shape the products and services offered by CDPHP.

Natalia Burkart
About the Author

Natalia joined CDPHP in 2015 as a communications writer/editor and currently serves as director, communications strategy. Born and raised in the Capital Region, Natalia earned a BS in marketing and management from Siena College and an MBA from Union Graduate College (now Clarkson University). A self-professed news junkie and lover of iced coffee, Natalia currently resides in North Greenbush with her husband and two kids.

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