July 11, 2014 News

Spending More on Medical Care

CDPHP® works hard to ensure our administrative costs are not our members’ burden, and that we spend a vast majority of your premium dollars on medical care. That’s why we are pleased to announce that CDPHP has exceeded the federal standard for medical loss ratio.

An insurance company’s medical loss ratio (MLR) is a measurement of how premium dollars are spent. The Affordable Care Act requires all health insurers to spend a proportion of premiums (80 cents of every $1) on medical benefits, which includes things like payments to your doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers, as well as coverage of your prescription drugs.

When an insurer does not meet these standards, it must rebate its customers the difference. Because CDPHP exceeds these standards, we will not be required to issue rebates.

Bob Hinckley
About the Author

Bob Hinckley joined CDPHP in 2006. He was appointed senior vice president of government and external relations, and was promoted to senior vice president of strategy and communications, and chief strategy officer in 2013. Prior to CDPHP, Hinckley worked for New York State Department of Health as director of public affairs, then deputy commissioner for operations. Shortly after, Bob served as senior deputy secretary of health and human services under New York State Governor, George E. Pataki. Hinckley is chairman of the NYS Health Plan Association board of directors, and formerly served as vice chair of the Commission on Healthcare Facilities in the 21st Century. Bob earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Colgate University.

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