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From Scary Night to Comforting Diagnosis at 1785

It was a scary night for Schaghticoke resident, Julie Mineau, who recently woke up in the middle of the night and found it difficult to breath. She couldn’t take in air, and for the otherwise healthy 58-year-old, nothing like this had ever happened before.

She was able to catch her breath, but the episode left Julie worried that it may happen again, and the question, why did it happen? So, first thing the next morning she headed to her local urgent care to get checked out.
There, urgent care staff checked her vitals and reviewed her medical history.

Having no history of asthma and finding no other clear explanation as to why she experienced these symptoms, they referred her for immediate cardiac testing.

Julie was shocked to learn that she may have experienced a cardiac event – or that she may be at risk of having one.

Julie at the 1785 building.

She was advised to go an emergency department, or a designated cardiac urgent care center like, Enhanced Cardiac Access at 1785 in Clifton Park.

A small wave of comfort washed over Julie to hear the numbers 1785.

Julie, who worked in the field of mental and behavioral health care, was called upon in 2019 to serve on the CDPHP Member Advisory Committee to help design of the 1785 building—a joint venture between CDPHP and several local independent specialty medical practices.

“To be honest,” Julie admits, “I don’t know if I didn’t remember or just didn’t know that 1785 offered a cardiac urgent care service. But, when you’re in the middle of an unknown medical event, and you’re able to have a known place to walk into, it calms your nerves,” says Julie. “It helps you feel more confident in your situation, and that you’ll be okay.”

Julie had visited the 1785 building before. But this was the first time she was coming to the building as a patient.

“When you’re already in a heightened state of anxiety, seeing 1785’s highly recognizable, bright green façade and knowing where you need to turn helps to reduce your stress level,” Julie says about her drive from urgent care to 1785.

Upon arriving, Julie says she was greeted by compassionate and caring staff and had no wait time before being seen by Dr. Carl A. Heinecke, a cardiologist with Capital Cardiology Associates.

“Dr. Heinecke was great,” recalls Julie. “He gave me practical advice that was easy to follow, and the follow up care was easy to schedule with his office.”

Julie wanted to share her story about her experience at 1785’s Enhanced Cardiac Access because of the quick, compassionate care she received. “I was able to get results right away and hear the comforting news that it wasn’t serious.”

She hopes that by sharing her story she can help create awareness about Enhanced Cardiac Access at 1785.

In fact, Julie thought so highly of her experience at 1785 that she was moved to starting working there so that she can help others.

Enhanced Cardiac Access at 1785

Capital Cardiology Associates Enhanced Cardiac Access (ECA) suite at 1785 provides same-day evaluations of patients with non-life-threatening symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate

Instead of going to an emergency department, the ECA suite allows patients walk-in access to highly experienced, board-certified cardiologists. Rapid evaluations utilizing exercise stress tests, heart CT scans, nuclear stress tests, echocardiograms, continuous cardiac telemetry monitoring, and blood work through their on-site blood testing lab can be done.

Afterward, their cardiologists work closely with patients’ primary care providers to develop individualized plans for any further evaluation or treatment as needed.

To learn more about 1785 and Enhanced Cardiac Access, please visit 1785health.com and capitalcardiology.com/enhanced-cardiac-access.

Sarah O'Higgins
About the Author

Sarah joined CDPHP in 2021 as a marketing manager, continuing a 16-year career in marketing and communications. She is passionate about connecting patients to care, and helping to increase quality of life for residents of the Capital Region and beyond. In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, and playing tennis.

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