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Top 10 Primary Care Practices – 2021

Congratulations to the following primary care practices for meeting our health plan’s rigorous standards for high-quality care and superior customer service.  

Harry Miller, MD, FAAP and Kimberly Elmer, MD, FAAP

#1 – Four Seasons Pediatrics

“For us, it’s a synchrony of teamwork, from the front to the back of the office. The staff that surrounds us—especially during difficult times—makes us look good every single day!”

-Dr. Harry Miller

#2 – Newtonville Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, PLLC

“This recognition reflects a commitment of the entire staff to treat every patient as family. As most of the staff have been with the team for many years, they are familiar with each and every patient, and focus on helping them achieve their best health.”

-Dr. Joanne Fogarty

Newtonville Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

CapitalCare Internal Medicine River Road

#3 – Community Care Physicians, PC CapitalCare Internal Medicine River Road

“Being a doctor is a unique occupation as it provides the opportunity to really help people and improve the quality of their lives.”

-Dr. Benoit Tonneau

#4 – Brunswick Primary Care, PLLC

“We don’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the larger practices, and that’s okay. I’ve always believed in developing relationships with my patients, and being a smaller, independent practice has allowed me to do just that.”

-Dr. James Aram

Brunswick Family Practice

Hoosick Street Pediatrics

#5 – Hoosick Street Pediatrics

“To me, being a CDPHP Top Doctor means that I am helping my patients grow to their fullest potential.”

-Dr. Kevin Albert

#6 – Adirondack Pediatrics, PC

“We are proud of our efforts and success in providing high-quality care to our pediatric patients. We will continue to provide high-quality care and be a top-notch medical home for our community.”

The staff at Adirondack Pediatrics, PC

The staff at Adirondack Pediatrics, PC

CapitalCare Family Practice Clifton Park

#7 – Community Care Physicians, PC – CapitalCare Family Practice Clifton Park

“Being recognized as a CDPHP Top Doctor confirms that we’re working as a cohesive team and focusing on what’s most important: our patients. We strive to provide the best care we can for our patients, we listen to them, and we attend to their needs. As medicine has evolved, we have been able to adjust and continue offering the highest quality care in the most efficient way possible. After all, this is why we do what we do, and we enjoy going to work!”

-Dr. Steffani Cotugno

#8 – Community Care Physicians, PC CapitalCare Internal Medicine Balltown Road

“I am grateful to be acknowledged as a CDPHP Top Doctor and thankful for my team for helping to achieve this recognition. As a doctor, the honor of being trusted with the care of patients and to provide service is very rewarding. You can accomplish amazing things for people.”

-Dr. Peter Rienzi

CapitalCare Internal Medicine Balltown Road

CapitalCare Family Practice Guilderland

#9 – Community Care Physicians, PC CapitalCare Family Practice Guilderland

“Being recognized as a CDPHP Top Doctor simply means that we are being recognized for continuing to strive to provide excellent medical care to our patients.”

-Dr. William Tetreault

#10 – Eugene Merecki, MD, PC, Malta Family Medicine

“ I am honored to receive a Top Doctor designation from CDPHP. However, I accept this recognition on behalf of my staff, on whom I rely on heavily to navigate the complexities of modern day health care. Our office has worked well as a team and appreciate the support from CDPHP in providing quality care for our patients.”

-Dr. Eugene Merecki

Dr. Eugene Merecki and staff at Malta Family Medicine.

John D. Bennett, MD, FACC, FACP
About the Author

John D. Bennett, MD, FACC, FACP, is president and CEO of Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP), an award-winning, physician aligned, not-for-profit health plan based in Albany, NY. Bennett has held the position since 2008 after serving more than 10 years as chair, vice chair, and board member for CDPHP. During his tenure, CDPHP has been ranked among the top-performing health plans in New York and the nation, most recently named #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the 2023 J.D. Power Member Health Plan Study. Under his leadership, CDPHP has also become known as a model employer regionally and nationally and was recently named among the top five Best Companies to Work for in New York by the Society for Human Resource Management, as well as Forbes Best-in-State Employers 2022. Prior to joining CDPHP, Bennett served as founding member and CEO of Prime Care Physicians, PLLC. During his tenure, he co-led a team of 25 cardiologists and helped grow the practice to a 100-physician multi-specialty group. Bennett is board certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Internal Medicine, with subspecialties in internal medicine and cardiology. He earned his medical degree at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, and a Bachelor of Science degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Bennett completed an internship and residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Albany Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Physicians. Bennett is currently board chair for the Center for Economic Growth and the Capital Region Chamber, and vice chair for the Palace Theatre. Bennett also serves on the boards of the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP), America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Russell Sage Colleges. Bennett is a member of the New York Public Health and Health Planning Council where he helps shape decisions related to New York State's public health and health care delivery system. Well-known locally and nationally for advancing health care innovation, Bennett was recently named to Crain’s New York Business 2021 Notable in Health Care, as well as the Albany Business Review’s Power 50 list.

42 Responses to “Top 10 Primary Care Practices – 2021”

  1. Sue Ferriero

    I would also recommend Jill Braverman Panza, MD as a top medical doctor.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your feedback! We also think Dr. Braverman Panza is a wonderful doctor and her practice did – in fact – make the list! You will see she is listed under St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates (SPHPMA) as Braverman-Panza Internal Medicine. Thanks again!

  2. Tim Ripp

    This ranking is a terrible idea. Unless all the data is released and there is 100% transparency this is just a popularity ranking. I question your need to rank your participating physician groups and physicians. The practice of Medicine is not a contest, as I learned from my father, it is a devotion to personal beliefs and patient care.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you for your input. The report is built off data from our Enhanced Primary Care model, a nationally-recognized patient-centered medical home model, which measures doctors on their clinical effectiveness (how healthy they keep their patients), as well patient satisfaction scores. Our People’s Choice Awards are nomination-based, which gives the public a chance to vote for their favorite doctor. Thanks again for your feedback.

  3. Cyndy B Wilber

    CCP – Albany Family Practice’s Dr. Neil Mitnick has been our primary care physician for over 30 years. He is the gentlest, most knowledgeable, approachable and great doctor we have ever had. He does not rush you through your appointment and takes the time to address your concerns and find out answers for you if he, himself, does not know. If anyone should be one of the best physicians, it is him and we do not look forward to the day he eventually retires. He will be nearly impossible to replace.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Cindy, It is so wonderful to hear you’re pleased with the care and service you’re receiving from Dr. Mitnick and team. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  4. timothy flanigan

    i have been with the braverman- panza, internal medicine group for over 20 years. my primary care, dr.amy walsh is absolutely phenomenal. dr.walsh will take the time with you. she will answer all your questions. dr.walsh will go over your labs, where you can totally understand. when you need to see a specialist, she only recommends a specialist that is excellent what they do. i have been very fortunate to have dr.walsh as my primary care for the last 20 years.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Timothy, Thanks so much for your feedback. I am so happy to hear you’re pleased with the care and service you receive from Dr. Walsh. We have had a number of patients comment about how much they love this practice. All my best!

  5. Edith tull

    I was disappointed not see Dr Gerald Hausler’s name on the list. He has been our PC for a long time and definitely is the best

    • John Bennett

      Hi Ed, Thanks for the feedback. We agree that Dr. Hausler is a wonderful physician. We know the report does not cover all of the great doctors in our community, so we very much appreciate the positive comments about your PC. All my best!

  6. Greg Way

    How about a top 25 or even 50 so it would cover a larger geographical area.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Greg, Our list include all of the practices that meet our standards for care and customer service, which includes a total of 80 practices. If you scroll through the blog, you should be able to see all of them. Best of luck!

  7. D Kankiewicz

    Did any Basset Healthcare Network docs make the list?

    • John Bennett

      Hello there! Thanks for reading the blog. While Bassett does participate in our patient-centered medical home program, they are very new to this program and did not make the list. We do hope to see some of their practices on the list next year. Thanks for checking!

  8. Marjorie Rush

    I recommend Jill Braverman Panza and William Kowal

    • John Bennett

      Hi Marjorie, Thanks so much for the feedback. Yes, the office of Dr. Bravenman Panza did in fact make the list! Thank you for your interest.

  9. Anthony Grimaldi

    I was glad to see Dr Eugene Merecki make the top 10 list. He has been our physician for 20 plus years. We have always found him to be caring, well educated in the medical field and always gives his patients his utmost attention. His staff is friendly and professional.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Anthony, Dr. Merecki is truly one of a kind. We are so happy that he has been able to take care of you and your family all these years. All my best!

  10. Adele Cartledge

    I agree with Mr. Ripp. Lots of people would rank their MD by how much he relates to patients, not how well he practices medicine. This seems like a popularity contest to me if its based on people’s response. Let’s see what the medical statistics say. Thank you.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Adele, Our report is based on a comprehensive list of quality and patient satisfaction scores, some of which does include feedback from patients in the form of surveys. Thanks for taking the time to write. – Dr. Bennett

  11. Arlene Shako

    I would like to say that I believe my PC Dr. Chester Burton( Cobleskill,NY) should be on the top ten list. He is an amazing diagnostician, a good listener and thinks outside the box when necessary.
    I also want to tell DR. Bennett- that I am a senior and am very pleased with CDPHP.I especially appreciate the Silver Sneakers membership and the OTC quarterly products.The few times I have had to call CDPHP every one has been very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you. Arlene Shako

    • John Bennett

      Hi Arlene, Thanks so much for your positive feedback about Dr. Burton. It is so wonderful to hear that you are pleased with the care and service you’re receiving from your physician. I’m also thrilled that you’re loving your CDPHP Medicare Advantage plan! Great news all around. Have a great day!

  12. Janet Cassidy

    I am so glad that Dr Braverman’s practice made this list because I am a patient of Dr Nguyen and she is part of that practice and she should also be recognized.
    Janet Cassidy

    • John Bennett

      Hi Janet, Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the entire practice is being recognized as part of this award. And, I’m so happy to hear you’re pleased with the care and service you receive from Dr. Nguyen. All my best!

  13. Alice S Rubenfeld

    Best internist around: expert, compassionate, caring, responsive to patient needs, hands down is Stefan Swicker, St. Peters Group.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Alice, Thanks so much for sharing your positive feedback about Dr. Swicker. Thanks for the feedback!

  14. Carol Caloro

    I also think this is just not quite fair. While I’m sure these doctors are all wonderful, what about all the wonderful doctors who are not on the list? My own doctor, Keith Rebehn, is, in my opionion, one of the absolute best. I say that not only because he’s kind and empathetic and straightforward and patient, but also because he’s damn good at his job.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Carol, I love how passionate you are about your doctor. I agree, there are a lot of wonderful doctors who are not on this list. Our report is based on a series of quality and patient satisfaction scores, so it’s not a perfect system as you’ve pointed out. Thanks for doing that. I appreciate you taking the time to write. – Dr. Bennett

  15. Richard Rossuck

    Primary care in Delmar office and staff are caringl and friendly to patients. A solid office..

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Rich, Great to know! Thanks so much for the kind remarks. All my best! – Dr. Bennett

  16. Paula Ford

    Not a single practice in the city of Albany made the top 10? Wish I could say I’m surprised, but the doctors march to suburbs has been accelerating for a few years now. And, doctors may be improving accessibility in the suburbs, but we who live in mid-town Albany – literally amid the the Albany Med and St. Peters medical centers – now have to drive more than 30 minutes for imaging in Niskayuna. And, I agree with those saying it’s not a competition and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Paula, Thanks for your comments. You’re right, none of the Top 10 practices are located in Albany but very important to note that every practice included in this report has met our rigorous standards for quality and customer service. If you every need help finding a doctor closer to home, just give us a call and we would be happy to assist. All my best!

  17. John C. Quinn

    I wholeheartedly recommend Dr.Samedov at CDHPs Hensonville office. He is the model of what a Primary Care Physician should be in a rural community. JQ.

    • John Bennett

      Hi John, Thanks for recognizing the work of Dr. Samedov. You’re right – it’s not easy practicing medicine in a rural community, and such important work. Thanks for your kind comments. Happy holidays!

  18. MJ Frederick

    The Braverman-Panza Medical Group is the best Internal Medicine practice around! I’ve been a patient of this practice for 20+ years and prior to that saw Dr. Amy Walsh when she worked for Community Health Plan. Both Dr. Braverman-Panza and Dr. Walsh are 2 of the most caring, compassionate physicians I’ve ever met. They always are willing to spend as much time at your visit as needed, never are rushed out and are very thorough. You’re not treated like a number at this office, you’re treated and cared for as human!! I can’t thank them for the great healthcare I’ve received from these 2 physicians and dread the thought of finding a new physician once they retire!

    • John Bennett

      Hi MJ, I’m so happy to hear you’ve had such a wonderful experience at Braverman-Panza. That is so important! This will probably come as no surprise to you, but the practice is routinely ranked among the top in the region for the exact reasons you stated. Thanks for checking out our Top Doctors report. All my best!

  19. Linda J Guzzo

    I have enjoy being a part of C D P H P Women’s health on Troy Schenectady Road in Latham, my Doctor is Sheryl Brown and she has treated me with the most respect and understanding.

    • John Bennett

      Hi Linda, It gives me great joy to know that Dr. Brown is taking such great care of you. Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing.

  20. Angela Lewin

    Dear Dr. Bennett,
    While I agree that medical providers should be recognized for the services that they give to their patients especially during this time of medical crisis I was surprised that mostly off of the practices are in the outer layers of Albany. If the reader is not familiar with the Capital Region or in fact Albany itself the list assumes that there are not any good practitioners serving a very large grouping of individuals. The question then, would be are the providers in the City of Albany providing substandard care, or have there been a screening process for where providers are placed. By the way there are very good providers here in the city of Albany they do their work quietly with longevity and without fanfare. Shout out to Braverman’s group who is one of them.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Angela, Thanks for taking the time to write. I agree, there are a number of practices doing great work in the City of Albany, including Braverman-Panza! Our list – which is based off a series of quality and patient satisfaction scores – also includes a number of practices affiliated with Albany Medical Center and St. Peter’s Health Partners, which are located in Albany. All my best. – Dr. Bennett

  21. Mary Jane Brown

    Dr. Paul Lemanski is the best primary care physician I’ve had. His emphasis on a preventive life style is something all doctors should promote, and his knowledge of nutrition is exemplary.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hello Mary Jane, I’m so happy to hear that you’re pleased with the care you receive from Dr. Lemanski. It’s so important to have a primary care doctor that you know and trust. Also, I could not agree more about his approach to preventive medicine and nutrition. Thanks so much for sharing! – Dr. Bennett

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