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12 Simple Tips to Live a Healthier Life

There have never been more choices to help you live a healthier lifestyle. From a variety of exercise options (have you tried a group fitness class?), to the different ways you can maintain a healthy diet, CDPHP members have plenty of ways to get and stay healthy.

As a way to support all those great options, here are 12 simple things you can do to feel better from head to toe.

1. Add some steps to your day. If you drive to work, don’t look for the closest parking space when you get there. By parking a little farther away, you can get in extra steps. Try to use the stairs when you head to the mall or any building with multiple floors. If the steps are difficult for you, split up the trip with a combination of the steps and the elevator.

2. Think differently. Instead of looking at exercise as a chore or something you have to do, think of it as a way to take care of yourself and improve your life.

3. Make it fun! Yes, you can have fun while getting fit. From running around with your kids, to playing a casual game of ping pong, get moving with the activities you enjoy.

4. Don’t fear the beginning. You may hesitate to get started because you don’t know where to begin. Try taking a fitness class, or, if you’re starting on your own, start slow, don’t push yourself too soon, and build up your strength and activity level. (Bonus tip: A CDPHP Fitness Connect location can be a great starting point for your workout.)

5. Track your food, but not forever. Keeping a log of everything you eat can be helpful, but you may not need to do it every day. Try tracking your food for a short period of time (a month), so you have a better handle on your diet

6. Be prepared. Sure, prepping your food in advance will require more of your time, but it will pay off in the end. One idea is to take a couple of hours on a Sunday and make two separate meals in bulk. Then, you can portion out the meals and decide when to eat them during the week.

7. Keep it simple. While that recipe you found with 49 ingredients may sound delicious, it may also take four hours to make. Look for recipes that interest you, but don’t require all of your time to prepare. (Bonus tip: CDPHP members have access to Zipongo, a program that can help you to make healthier food choices, personalized for you, at home and on the go.)

8. Make minor tweaks. A small change to what you’re already eating could help. If you enjoy pasta, try mixing in healthier types (whole wheat or quinoa pastas are a great alternative). You could even try starting your meal with a small salad, which will help fill you up and keep you from overeating.

9. Ease that stress! Sometimes, the weight of work, family, and life’s stress can have a major impact on your well-being. Taking a short walk can help you clear your mind and leave you ready to focus on the next task at hand. Find ways to release tension that help you to feel a little better. Carve out a few minutes in your day to stop your mind from going in a million directions, and to give yourself time to relax.

10. Make small changes that you feel good about. Small changes in your attitude can have a positive impact on your life. Avoid putting pressure on yourself. Add in a fun or stress-busting activity to your day that you look forward to, which also can help you blow off some steam.

11. Have a plan. Set realistic expectations for yourself, and map out a path to success or to accomplish what you are setting out to do. For some people, creating a vision board – a board with images or words that show your goals – can be helpful.

12. Give yourself some credit. Sometimes, a simple “Way to go!” can be a big help. For example, if you’re going for a run, and you only go for 10 minutes, give yourself credit for going, instead of focusing on why you couldn’t run for a longer time. Haven’t finished that project you’re working on at home? You can do it – just give yourself some time to complete the work.

CDPHP offers personalized tools, products, and services that help you lead your healthiest life. You can also speak with a member of the CDPHP Care Team, who can provide you with information on a variety of health issues.

Thanks to CDPHP fitness specialist Jenny Williams for sharing these helpful tips!

Gregory Fry
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Greg joined CDPHP® in February 2018 as a communications specialist. Originally from Philadelphia, Greg moved to upstate New York in 2007, and married his wife, Julia, in 2013. For 12 years, Greg worked in radio and print journalism roles, and has received multiple state and regional broadcasting awards for his role as an on-air anchor, and for his coverage of breaking news. Greg also brings a background in working with nonprofit organizations, having served in various marketing and fundraising roles in the Finger Lakes.

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