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5 outdoor water activities (and 25 Capital Region places) to keep your toddler cool this summer

Looking for a summer activity that might leave your children cleaner than when they started?

Try water games!

These fun, refreshing games will provide hours of fun in the sun for you and your child. Grab your hose to get started!

Water slide

Pick up a fancy Slip ‘N Slide® from the store or keep it simple by using a plastic tarp. You can use a hose to spray your child as they go down the slide or race down the tarp. Be sure to check the grass for rocks before you put the slide down!

Sprinkler jump

Turn on your inground sprinkler system or purchase a sprinkler for $10 or $15 and hook it up to a hose. Your child can run through it, jump over it, try to dodge it, or throw things through it. Just remember to move the sprinkler each time you play with it so one part of the grass doesn’t get overwatered or start to turn too muddy.

Car wash

Grab your hose and some soap and get scrubbing! It’s amazing how the chores parents put off can be fun and exciting games for children. Give your child a sponge and let them help you wash the car wherever they can reach! When it’s time to rinse, hand over the hose and let your child see how many soapy bubbles they can wash away.

Knock ’em down

Line up objects on a fence or ridge and use a spray attachment on your hose to knock ’em down! No spray attachment? No problem! Just have your child stick their thumbs over the spout.

Fill the bucket

Using a sponge, cup, or your hands, you and your child can race between a water source and your buckets to see who can fill theirs the fastest. The winner gets to dump their bucket on the player of their choice!

Looking to take your little one someplace new?

Check out this list of Capital Region splash pads for you and your child to explore!

The Elm Avenue Park pool complex – Bethlehem, NY

This pool complex has two splash pads for children, as well as an Olympic, diving, L-shaped pool, a children’s play area, and locker rooms. The complex is open to Town of Bethlehem residents and their guests.

Splash Pad at Crandall Park – Glens Falls, NY

Crandall Park’s playground area now has a 30-foot diameter circle splash pad, surrounded by seating. It is free and open to the public. There are no bathrooms.

Lions Club Splash Pad in Collins Park – Scotia, NY

The Lions Club Splash Pad is in Collins Park and is free and open to the public. A playground, picnic tables, and bathrooms are near the splash pad as well.

Spray Park at Halfmoon Town Park – Halfmoon, NY

The spray park at Halfmoon Town Park is free and open to the public. The spray park is fenced in with some tables surrounding it and a pavilion for shade. A bathroom and plenty of parking is located at the park. It’s also a short walk to the playground.

Gavin Splash Park – Wilton, NY

The Gavin Splash Park is open to Wilton residents and non-Wilton residents for a small fee. The 7,000 square foot pad has more than 20 spray elements including ground sprays, water cannons, and water dumping buckets. There is a concession stand, seating, and bathrooms. A nice playground is next to the park as well.

The Splash Pad in Blatnick Park – Niskayuna, NY

The splash pad is in Blatnick Park on River Road. It is free and open to the public. The splash pad is family friendly with picnic tables, playground, and bathrooms nearby.

The Splash Pad and Pool at Colonie Mohawk River Park – Colonie, NY

The park has a splash pad perfect for the whole family, along with an Olympic sized pool, training pool, concession stand, locker room, and bathrooms. The park is available to Town of Colonie residents and no more than three nonresident guests at a time for a fee.

Spray Pads – Troy, NY

The city of Troy has six spray pads throughout and are free to the public. The spray pads are in Frear Park, Prospect Park, Corliss Park, Riverfront Park, Knickerbacker Park, 7th Avenue Park, and there is a newly renovated South Troy pool.

Spray Pads – Albany, NY

The city of Albany has eight spray pads located throughout the city. They are free and open to the public. The spray pads are in Black Lives Matter Park, Colonie Street Park, Fran Waterson Park/Westland Hills, Hackett Park, Krank Park, North Swan Street Park, Ridgefield Park, and Rosemont Park.

Splash Pads – Saratoga Springs, NY

The city of Saratoga Springs has four splash pads throughout and are free to the public. The splash pads are located at the Saratoga Springs Recreation Center playground, Veterans Memorial Park on Geyser Road, and in the East and West side recreation fields.

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