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Celebrate National Women’s Health Week May 10-16

Chances are, you can name several women who have made a difference and had a significant impact on your life, be they your mother, grandmother, a favorite aunt, your sister, best friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter – the list goes on! What better way to honor the amazing women you know (including yourself!) than by encouraging them to make their health a priority?

This year CDPHP® is celebrating the 16th annual National Women’s Health Week. Organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, the observance serves as an opportunity to educate women on how they can improve their health. Appropriately enough, it kicks off on Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10 and continues through Saturday, May 16.

Steps to Better Health

Between work, school, family, household duties, and other responsibilities, it can be difficult finding the time for doctor appointments, exercise, and the like. But if these activities help ensure you’ll live longer and hopefully stay disease-free, aren’t they worth it?

While everyone can benefit from the following tips, women especially owe it to themselves to take these recommendations seriously and put their health first.

These are just a few suggestions. The Office on Women’s Health offers more age-specific recommendations.

Help Spread the Word

Use your favorite social media vehicle to reach out to friends and family and help promote the importance of women’s health. If you’re looking to do more, the Office on Women’s Health offers several ideas, from healthy recipes to organizing a walk with friends and neighbors.


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