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Connecting members to life-changing mental health and substance use treatment

A few years ago, CDPHP member David was at a low point. “I was in rough shape. I was homeless and had little regard for my health. I lost relationships with my family, my friends.” Finding himself relying on substances and increasingly hopeless, David knew he could no longer do it alone. Following a hospitalization in the crisis unit, David received a call from CDPHP that would change his life.

“When I was discharged, the insurance company called me and wanted to make sure I was okay,” said David. Following an emotional conversation, the CDPHP care manager recommended that David connect with a CDPHP partner, aptihealth. She explained that aptihealth could provide comprehensive mental health and substance use therapy, all from a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

aptihealth provided the personalized care and support that David needed to help him make positive changes in his life. “aptihealth, from the very beginning, treated me like I was a regular human being. That made me want to keep coming back,” David recalls. “I wasn’t told what to do. I was simply enlightened on what I could do.”

Today, David has stable housing, full-time employment, relationships with family and friends, and has been in recovery for two years. He looks forward to a future full of promise and hope. David’s journey is a shining example of the impact that evidence-based treatment and a personalized care plan can have on an individual’s life.

You can watch David’s full story and learn more about aptihealth.

If you or a family member needs help, visit to sign up.

To speak to a CDPHP representative about all the mental health care services available to you, contact the CDPHP Behavioral Health Access Center at 1 (888) 320-9584. If you are in a life-threatening situation, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255.

Ali Skinner
About the Author

Ali Skinner is a communications professional with nearly 20 years of media, marketing, advertising, and public relations experience. She joined CDPHP in November 2011 and currently serves as Vice President, Communications and External Affairs for one of the top health plans in New York and the nation. In this role, Ali oversees all internal and external communications, public relations, and government relations for the plan’s 400,000 members and 1,200 employees. A self-described recovering journalist, Ali spent 10 years writing and delivering news for a number of television and radio stations in the Syracuse and Albany, NY markets. Today, she uses her journalism background to help patients and the public make sense of complex health care topics.

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