June 12, 2018 Healthy Living

“I Know Good Service When I See It!”

At 68 years old, Corinne Kennedy recently made the decision to move back to her hometown of Troy, NY. Once settled into her new place, the retired health care worker knew she had to make a decision about her health insurance.

“I started asking around. Everyone I spoke to said, ‘CDPHP is the absolute best.’”

Living on a fixed income, Corinne needed a plan that was both affordable and high-quality. She was pleasantly surprised when she started shopping around on the CDPHP website.

“The website made it easy to compare plans. And I was surprised to see a number of options that fit my budget, including CDPHP Medicare Choices!”

Corinne took the advice of her friends and family and enrolled in a CDPHP Medicare Advantage plan. Since then, she has had the chance to use her benefits and has been impressed by the high level of customer service offered by the locally-based insurer.

“I had a question about the website. I expected to be on hold for 20 minutes. The phone rang, and almost immediately, a young man picked up. He was able to answer my question quickly and even provided me with the direct number to a CDPHP pharmacist because I had additional questions about my prescription drugs.”

Corinne, who spent more than 20 years working in the health care industry, says she knows the importance of good customer service.

“I spent three decades in this industry. I know good service when I see it. CDPHP has a good thing going on!”

To learn more about CDPHP Medicare options, visit us at www.cdphp.com/medicare or call 1-888-248-6522.

Ali Skinner
About the Author

Ali Skinner is a communications professional with nearly 20 years of media, marketing, advertising, and public relations experience. She joined CDPHP in November 2011 and currently serves as Vice President, Communications and External Affairs for one of the top health plans in New York and the nation. In this role, Ali oversees all internal and external communications, public relations, and government relations for the plan’s 400,000 members and 1,200 employees. A self-described recovering journalist, Ali spent 10 years writing and delivering news for a number of television and radio stations in the Syracuse and Albany, NY markets. Today, she uses her journalism background to help patients and the public make sense of complex health care topics.

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