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Paddleboarding: It’s All the Rage!

You’ve probably seen them on the many lakes that populate our region, balancing precariously on a piece of fiberglass slightly larger than a surfboard while paddling. If you’re itching to join the throngs of enthusiasts who have taken up paddleboarding, you’ll be glad to know that, with some instruction, mastering this popular sport is easier than it looks. All you need is a paddleboard, a paddle, a life jacket, and preferably a calm, flat body of water like a lake or pond.

Fitness Benefits
While paddleboarding works your core muscles in particular, your arms, shoulders, and legs also reap the rewards. Best of all, it’s a zero-impact workout, which means that just about anyone can enjoy it.

Find a Paddleboard Retailer Near You
The following are just a few local vendors that rent and sell paddleboards and offer lessons. To find a retailer in your area, entering “paddleboarding” into your favorite search engine should yield some results.

For More Info.
LakeGeorge.com offers a detailed account of the ins and outs of paddleboarding. The merchants mentioned above are also good resources.

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