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Maximizing the Secure Member Site

Was this claim paid? Did I meet my deductible? How do I get reimbursed for medical expenses? If these questions, and perhaps a few more, are swirling around in your brain, you may be thinking, if only this information was centralized somewhere. Good news! It is.

The secure member site: your one-stop shop

By setting up an account on the secure member site, CDPHP® members can basically manage their health care from the comfort of their home computer, laptop, or even their mobile device. The information is secure, continuously updated, and nicely organized so you can find what you need quickly and easily. If you don’t have an account yet, registering is simple. All you need is your member ID card and a few pieces of personal information.

The ins and outs

Whether you’ve had an account for years or have just set one up in the last few minutes, you might find a rundown of the secure member site’s many features helpful. Each of these tools is displayed prominently in the green bar at the top of the page and is accessible by clicking on the icon.

  • Portal Home: Here you’ll see a quick snapshot of your particular health plan, including the group ID, your deductible and coinsurance (or copay depending on the plan you have), and who’s covered under your plan.
  • View Benefits: A breakdown of your medical, prescription, and dental plans, as well as your HRA and/or FSA details, are available on this page. The Deductible Accumulator and Limit Information tabs at the bottom show how much of your deductible has been satisfied and the benefit limits for various services (e.g., physical therapy, vision, etc.), respectively. Using the Benefit Search function in the middle, you can determine whether the deductible applies, the coinsurance and copay, and limit for every type of service you can think of, including lab, radiology, and surgical, to name a few.
  • Member ID Cards: Misplaced your ID card? No problem! Click this option to view and print your ID card and order a new one for yourself and your covered family members.
  • Claims Center: Use this tool to check the status of medical, dental, and prescription claims for you and your dependents. Click the HRA and FSA tabs to track your spending activity.
  • My Account: This page lists the personal information CDPHP has on file for you, including your name, address, date of birth, phone number, and more. Click the Edit button toward the top to make changes.
  • Mail Center: This tool comes in handy when you need to communicate securely with CDPHP regarding a benefit or claims inquiry.
  • Contact Us: Last but certainly not least, this page lists exactly what you’d expect—the various ways you can get in touch with us, as well as the hours our member services representatives are available.

In addition, along the right side of the Portal Home, View Benefits, Claims Center, and My Account pages is a series of links where you can locate your plan documents, search for prior authorizations, download important forms, and access various resources so you can better understand your health plan and get the most out of it to stay healthy. Of particular note is the HRA/FSA Claim Form link, which enables you to submit an HRA or FSA claim form online rather than mailing in a paper form. If you received a substantiation letter for a debit card transaction, use the Substantiation Form to submit your receipts.

Single sign-on capabilities

The days of multiple usernames and passwords to view different areas in the secure site are over! Once you log into your account, you can access the following programs and tools:

  • CDPHP Life Points®Rewards (available with most plans): Earn points for staying healthy and redeem them for gift cards from popular merchants.
  • Personal Health Assessment: All you need is 20 minutes and some basic information like your height and weight. Once you complete the assessment, you’ll receive an action plan for how you can improve your lifestyle.
  • Delta Dental: View your dental benefits and claims activity, find a dentist, and more.
  • Drug Coverage and Pricing: Sign in to your CDPHP online member account to view your prescription plan and benefits, order prescriptions, contact a pharmacist, and more.

And that concludes our tour

I hope that you found this overview helpful. It’s one thing to read about what the secure member site offers, but it’s another to log in and check it out for yourself. In fact, you should do so regularly so you can stay on top of your health care, claims, HRA/FSA activity, and more. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon discover how invaluable a tool the secure member site truly is.

Alexa Kerins
About the Author

Alexa is a senior communications consultant at CDPHP who plans, writes, and edits communications for a variety of projects. She is an eternal optimist who likes good food, fun exercise classes, traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends. You can often find her obsessing over her mini golden doodle and uttering cheesy quotes like “you’re the bee’s knees” and “team work makes the dream work."

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