Medical Conditions

No matter how hard we try to stay fit, eat right, and do everything that we know is great for our health, we’re all bound to experience some sort of medical condition at some point in our lives. No one is perfect; some of us have conditions that we’ve been managing since birth, others have more recent issues that we’re still learning about — and everything in between. At CDPHP, we have resources that address topics ranging from the common cold and flu to cancer and diabetes.

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with an illness, or you’re managing one that you’ve had for a long time, or if you are pregnant, quitting smoking, or dealing with a mental health and substance abuse issue, we want to help you find the resources you need. Here, we’ll talk about ongoing changes in the medical community that might affect how you handle one of these conditions, along with where you can go for additional information or in-person help. Of course, we’ll discuss the questions that are top of mind, and we’ll feature articles written by providers who are experts in these fields.

Our goal at CDPHP is to keep you healthy; that could mean fitness and nutrition, banishing a smoking habit, exploring options to deal with mental health conditions, or giving you tools to be successful in managing a disease. Your health is our priority.

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