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Maureen’s Journey: Thriving with VP Transform

When it comes to nurturing life and embracing vitality, CDPHP® Medicare Advantage member Maureen Mooney knows just how to make things flourish. At her home in Columbia County, her property boasts vibrant flowers, thriving herbs, and an array of homegrown produce ranging from pumpkins and carrots to beets and melons. Maureen’s connection to nature is profound, with her love for gardening going as far as completing the Master Gardener program through Cornell Cooperative Extension. The outdoors have always been her sanctuary, a place where she unwinds and finds comfort.

In addition to caring for her garden, her role as a dedicated grandmother and previous experience as a nurse at the Office of Mental Health of New York State have equipped her with the tools to care for others. However, despite her knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle, in 2023 her own health journey took an unexpected turn.

Even with an affinity for wholesome, homegrown meals and outdoor walks, Maureen found herself tempted by processed foods. Over time, she started experiencing occasional blurred vision and was noticeably more tired. Sensing that something wasn’t quite right with her health, she decided to consult her primary care provider. The diagnosis was a turning point: prediabetes and coronary artery disease.

Determined to take control of her health, Maureen turned to her CDPHP Medicare plan. She quickly discovered that she was eligible for VP Transform, a digital diabetes program recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It was even included with her plan at no extra cost.

As Maureen began using VP Transform, she started to learn how to make informed, healthy choices. “The program presents you with strategies you wouldn’t have thought about and makes you think about things in a different way,” says Maureen.

She was quickly introduced to her health coach, Catherine, who provided regular check ins and tailored support. This one-on-one help gave Maureen personalized and motivational coaching in a way that worked for her.

Members who use VP Transform can also receive a free Fitbit, which Maureen says holds her accountable and encourages her to be more active. “I’m amazed at how energetic I am during this gardening season.”

With Maureen’s focus on health and steady behavior changes, she’s lost over 12 pounds and lowered her A1C. She claims that VP Transform has benefited her family as well. “This program has a ripple effect, and we’ve all been making more of an effort with eating vegetables,” she shares. “When I make more, they have more.”

Maureen continues to be mindful with her diet and proactive with her health with the VP Transform program as her ally. As the seasons change, both in her garden and in her health journey, Maureen’s story serves as a reminder that with dedication and support, anyone can nurture a healthier, more vibrant life.

Disclaimer: Maureen’s testimonial is based on her personal experience with VP Transform for Prediabetes. Individual results may vary. Consult with a health care professional before making significant changes to your health routine. Fitbit can be earned after four weeks of participation in the program.

What is VP Transform for Prediabetes?

VP Transform for Prediabetes is a leading CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program (DPP) that combines live health coaching with a smartphone app. In the 12-month program, members have personalized support to help lower their risk for developing diabetes. Participants receive weekly healthy lifestyle education and a dedicated wellness coach to guide them for the whole year, plus a free digital scale and Fitbit* to help monitor progress. There is no extra cost for CDPHP members*.

The first six months (26 weeks) of the program provide weekly learning sessions with built-in activities that help apply the information to the member’s own life right away. The sessions cover topics related to sustainable weight loss, being more active, healthy eating, and emotional and mental resilience. The remaining six months of the program are dedicated to maintaining and reinforcing the new healthy behaviors.

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps:

  • STEP 1 Log in to the CDPHP Health Hub on your phone (Virgin Pulse app) or sign up for the Health Hub by going online to
  • STEP 2 Once you’re in the Health Hub app, choose the Benefits tab. From the navigation menu, select View All. 
  • STEP 3 Select VP Transform for Prediabetes from the list of programs, and then click Start Now.
  • STEP 4 Take the one-minute quiz to see if you’re eligible.
  • STEP 5 If you are eligible for the program, VP Transform will start processing your registration. A typical processing time takes two to three weeks to match you with your health coach, help you pick a program start date, and ship your wireless scale.

*Available for Medicare members and members who have their health plan through their employer (commercial insurance). Must meet certain clinical criteria to participate in the program. 

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