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The Latest Food Trends You Need to Try!

We all have a trendy friend. She’s the coolest woman at the office, in our group of friends, or at the college or high school you attended way back when. She’s the most fashionable, always sporting the latest-style everything and as soon as you catch up to her style, the new trend is out. continue reading →

A Memorable and Impactful Visit

John Bennett, MD, CDPHP® president and CEO, and Victoria Baecker, CDPHP community relations and corporate events manager, recently visited with Kacey Sisco, the 2016 honoree for Albany Medical Center’s Dancing in the Woods event, to hear more about her story and experience with the hospital’s Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders. continue reading →

All Organic, All the Time

Organic food. That was the topic of my most recently assigned blog post. But, as usual, I couldn’t take this topic and just sit with it. I needed to change it, edit it, jazz it up! So, I determined that eating an all-organic diet and writing about the experience was the way to go. continue reading →

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