COVID-19 Update: A Message from CDPHP President and CEO, Dr. John Bennett



To all CDPHP customers, providers, employers, and the entire Capital Region community:

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting everyone hard, but we will get through this. I want to reassure you that CDPHP is doing its part to help us persevere.

We have expanded telehealth and mental telehealth services for our members; we are giving our physicians the ability to consult with their patients over the phone; and we are lifting all medical prior authorization to speed care.

Further, we are working with our physician community to ensure they are able to get you the care you need while remaining financially viable.

This crisis is a test of our will and our togetherness. Our community is strong and we will fight this pandemic.

In the end, we will see to it that the CDPHP mission of keeping our members healthy, happy, safe, and secure endures.

Thank you.

4 Responses to “COVID-19 Update: A Message from CDPHP President and CEO, Dr. John Bennett”


    Thank you ! I have been employed with Koinonia Primary Care working with Dr. Bob Paeglow in the most underserved neighborhood in Albany County. This is close to where my family came from and left in the mid 60s. It is a great privilege to help this population. The prior authorizations will be extremely helpful to speed the process of care. Be safe. Mary Franchini nurse

    • Hi, Mary!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. We appreciate all that you – and all of our physician partners – are doing to help the community combat this crisis. Stay safe and God bless!


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