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The Realities of Single Payer

Everyone deserves access to high quality health care. But a single payer system? That’s bad for New Yorkers.

The New York Health Act would wipe out our current system and replace it with a government-run, one-size-fits-all approach to care. Meaning, politicians and government bureaucrats decide what’s covered, and what’s not!

To learn more about the Realities of Single Payer, check out this podcast featuring CDPHP director of strategic communications, Ali Skinner.

Ali Skinner
About the Author

Ali Skinner is a communications professional with nearly 20 years of media, marketing, advertising, and public relations experience. She joined CDPHP in November 2011 and currently serves as Vice President, Communications and External Affairs for one of the top health plans in New York and the nation. In this role, Ali oversees all internal and external communications, public relations, and government relations for the plan’s 400,000 members and 1,200 employees. A self-described recovering journalist, Ali spent 10 years writing and delivering news for a number of television and radio stations in the Syracuse and Albany, NY markets. Today, she uses her journalism background to help patients and the public make sense of complex health care topics.

7 Responses to “The Realities of Single Payer”

  1. Chuck Rothman

    A company that stands to lose everything if single payer is implemented comes out against single payer.

    What a surprise.

    I tell you, my respect for CDPHP dropped like a rock as soon as I saw the title of this.

    • Ali Skinner

      Hi, Chuck, I can see why you would say that. CDPHP has a lot to lose under a single payer system. But as a company that has devoted 35+ years to helping improve the health of the communities we serve, our concern is for the health and well-being of our members.

    • Amy V

      Chuck, I agree with you completely. Why don’t they just mention “death panels?” I love my coverage through CDPHP, mind you, but many have none.

  2. Lesley Tabor

    I am sorry to see (or hear) the opposition to a single payer system. I haven’t studied the current bill, so I don’t know if it is the best proposal possible, but I am disturbed at the tone of the podcast, which is so very dismissive of a system that, even with difficulties, has worked well in other countries to provide better overall health care to the whole population than is found in the US.

    • Ali Skinner

      Hi, Leslie, Thank you for your feedback. We have studied other systems in great deal, and unfortunately, have major concerns about the cost and quality of health care under the current proposal.


    The only thing scarier than having government officials decide what is covered and what is not, is having corporation officials making those decisions!

    • Ali Skinner

      Hi, Clayton, We couldn’t agree more, which is why our physician-founded organization works with local, practicing doctors when making decisions about our member’s care.

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