A Regional Guide to Healthy Restaurants in New York State


Given the increased focus on dietary restrictions over the last several years, you may have found yourself wondering – where can I find a restaurant that emphasizes healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian, and/or vegan meals? Or, perhaps you’re looking for an option that’s primarily sourced from local ingredients? Good news! We compiled a user-friendly guide to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and in locations not too far from home.

Check out our picks for Capital Region, Hudson Valley, and Central New York eateries, devised to suit your individual tastes and nutritional needs. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, so if you have a favorite health-conscious restaurant that is not represented, please note that in the comment box for the region you’ve selected. We are always updating and refining our list!

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8 Responses to “A Regional Guide to Healthy Restaurants in New York State”

  1. Gloria Herman

    Tesoros Cafe, 1712 Union Street, Schenectady, NY is a very health conscious restaurant in the Capital District

  2. Brian White

    Natalia, Please consider adding Bountiful Bread (Stuyvesant Plaza) to your list of healthy restaurants. Bountiful Bread is a scratch bakery and restaurant serving salads, sandwiches, fresh breads, and various GF, Vegan, and Vegetarian soups and pastries. Bountiful also has a dedicated healthy menu to support a large variety of healthy standard offerings. Additionally, Bountiful Bread is a supporter of HMRRC’s winter running series, a sponsor of several running and cycling races, R Cubed Mt Bike race team, Zimmer Capital Elite Women’s cycling team, and Bountiful Bread was an industry leader in employee wellness programs. Bountiful is also part of CDPHP’s shared health plan.

  3. Carol struve

    I am disappointed to see that restaurants in Kingston were not cited. There are numerous restaurants that serve local, fresh and healthy foods: Grounded; Diego’s ; Duo; Dolce; The Tappen; Outdated, just to name a few that we frequent.

    • Hi Carol, I’m sorry you were disappointed by the lack of Kingston-area restaurants, but I appreciate your taking the time to make some suggestions. We’ll be adding the majority of the restaurants you listed to our guide. Thank you!

  4. Meredith

    Hi Natalia, I was wondering if you would be able to add Garden Bistro 24 to this list. They do not have a freezer or a microwave, so everything is made fresh to order. They try to use locally sourced products as much as possible and get their beef from Herondale Farm (a local farm). Garden Bistro 24 has both vegetarian and vegan options. They are willing to modify any menu item to accommodate dietary restrictions. Thanks so much for your consideration!


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