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A Regional Guide to Healthy Restaurants in the Capital Region

The Capital Region has become a melting pot of traditional and ethnic cuisine, while also offering a variety of choices that meet the needs of those trying to follow a specific diet. Options range from Puzzles Bakery, renowned for its gluten-free menu and welcoming atmosphere for those affected by autism, to Psychedelicatessen, a unique bagel shop in downtown Troy that features locally grown and non-GMO foods, as well as organic options.

We hope this guide serves as a helpful resource for meeting your dietary needs, or as a useful checklist for finding your family’s new go-to restaurant. Did we miss any of your favorite locations? Let us know! We would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Also, be sure to visit additional eateries in Central New York and the Hudson Valley. Happy and healthy dining!


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Eating Healthy in the Capital Region:

Restaurant Name Address Vegetarian Options Vegan Options Gluten-free options Locally-sourced foods Handicap accessible
333 Cafe 333 Delaware Ave., Delmar Y Y
A Taste of Europe 3630 State Route 145
Angelo’s Tavolo 1 Glen Ave., Scotia Y Y
Antipastos 1028 Rt 146, Clifton Park Y Y Y Y
Bistro LeRoux 668 State Route 149, Lake George Y Y Y
Blaze Pizza 400 Balltown Rd, Schenectady Y Y
Bountiful Bread 1475 Western Ave, Albany Y Y Y Y
Campagna Restaurant 2453 State Route 9, Malta Y Y Y
Capital City Gastropub 261 New Scotland Avenue, Albany Y Y
Cella Bistro 2015 Rosa Rd., Schenectady Y
Center Stage Deli and Restaurant 2678 Hamburg St., Rotterdam Y Y Y
Co-op cafe Empire State Plaza
Concourse Level
S. Mall Arterial
Albany and 100 Watervliet Ave. Albany
Cooper’s Cave Ale 2 Sagamore Street, Glens Falls Y Y
Curry House 1112 Madison Ave., Albany Y
Dali Mamma 41 State St., Albany Y  Y  Y Y Y
El Loco Mexican Cafe 465 Madison Ave., Albany Y Y
Falafel Den
6 Phila Street
Saratoga Springs
Farmhouse Restaurant 441 Lockhart Mountain Rd., Lake George Y
fin – your fishmonger Star Plaza, 2050 Western Ave, Guilderland Y Y
Four Seasons Natural Foods
33 Phila Street
Saratoga Springs
Green Goddess Natural Foods 2051 Saranac Ave.
Lake Placid
Greenhouse 33 Railroad Place
Saratoga Springs
Harvest & Hearth 251-B County Route 67 (Stafford Bridge Rd.)
Saratoga Springs
Healthy in a Hurry 274 Lark St., Albany Y Y Y Y
Jake Moon Restaurant & Cafe 2082 Delaware Turnpike, Clarksville Y Y
Local Flavor Cafe 620 19th St, Watervliet Y Y Y Y
Marotta’s Bar-Risto 611 Union St., Schenectady Y Y Y Y
Mexican Radio 325 State St, Schenectady Y Y Y Y
Mio Vino 186 Main Street Altamont Y Y Y Y
Muddaddy Flats 49 3rd St, Troy Y Y Y Y Y
Restaurant Name Address Vegetarian Options Vegan Options Gluten-free options Locally-sourced foods Handicap accessible
New World Bistro 300 Delaware Ave., Albany Y Y Y Y Y
Next Door Kitchen & Bar 51 Front St
Ballston Spa
Nirvana Indian Restaurant 5180 Western Turnpike, Altamont Y Y
NuWave Cafe 238 Washington Ave., Albany Y Y Y Y Y
O’Toole’s Restaurant Pub 118 Quaker Rd., Glens Falls Y Y
Phoenicians of Albany 1686 Central Ave, Colonie Y Y Y
Psychedelicatessen 275 River St
Puzzles Bakery & Cafe 515 State Street
Ravenous 21 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs Y Y Y
Round House Bakery Café 1 Washington St, Cambridge Y Y Y Y Y
Saratoga Kids Castle 26B Congress Plaza
Saratoga Springs
Shaker Shed Cafe 945 Watervliet Shaker Rd., Albany Y Y
Stagecoach Coffee
90 State Street
Sweet Beet Bistro 93 Main Street
Tara Kitchen 431 Liberty St, Schenectady Y Y Y
Terra 238 Washington Ave, Albany Y Y Y Y
The Century House Restaurant 997 New Loudon Rd, Latham Y Y
The Epicurean Bistro & Wine Bar Latham Farms Mall, 579 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham Y Y
The Ginger Man Restaurant and Wine Bar 234 Western Ave, Albany Y Y Y
The Good Bite 2501 Main Street
Lake Placid
The Hollow Bar + Kitchen 79 North Pearl Street, Albany Y Y Y
The Point 1100 Madison Ave., Albany Y Y
The Shop 135 4th St, Troy Y Y Y Y Y
The Table at Fort Plain 70 Canal Street, Fort Plain Y Y
The Whistling Kettle 254 Broadway, Troy &
24 Front Street Ballston Spa
Tierra Farm & Coffee Roasters 296 Delaware Ave., Albany
1038 Madison Ave., Albany
Tiny Tots Tea Room 1536 Crescent Rd A-1-B, Clifton Park Y
Umana Restaurant & Wine Bar 236 Washington Ave., Albany Y Y
Wine & Roses Restaurant 101 West Main Street, Broadalbin Y Y Y
Yellow Rock Cafe Indian Ladder Farms, 342 Altamont Voorheesville Rd., Altamont Y Y
Yono’s 25 Chapel St., Albany Y Y
Restaurant Name Address Vegetarian Options Vegan Options Gluten-free options Locally-sourced foods Handicap accessible

The information cited is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed; readers should verify.
In addition, the restaurants referenced do not endorse this post or The Daily Dose blog site.

Natalia Burkart
About the Author

Natalia joined CDPHP in 2015 as a communications writer/editor and currently serves as director, communications strategy. Born and raised in the Capital Region, Natalia earned a BS in marketing and management from Siena College and an MBA from Union Graduate College (now Clarkson University). A self-professed news junkie and lover of iced coffee, Natalia currently resides in North Greenbush with her husband and two kids.

24 Responses to “A Regional Guide to Healthy Restaurants in the Capital Region”

  1. Sari Medick

    Tiny Tots Tea Room is a healthy cafe for families and is Nut free. Serving Gluten Dairy Egg and Soy Free menu items. We accommodate all allergies and protect families from cross contamination from all allergens. All baking is done on site to make sure that we know all the ingredients in each product. No outside food is permitted.

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Sari, thank you for the recommendation. We will be sure to add Tiny Tots Tea Room as we continue to update the guide.

  2. Elizabeth

    Center Stage Deli and Restaurant in Rotterdam has vegetarian and gluten free options and is handicap accessible. Salads are always fresh and meats roasted on premises.

    • Natalia Burkart

      Thank you for the recommendation, Elizabeth. We will be adding Center Stage Deli and Restaurant in Rotterdam as we continue to refresh the guide.

  3. Julie Byron

    Can you please add the Ginger Man Wine Bar and Restaurant in Albany? we feature multiple vegetarian, gluten free and local organic items. Let me know any information you require!

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi, Julie. Yes, of course we will add the Ginger Man Wine Bar and Restaurant, and thank you for taking the time to reach out.

  4. Dominic Colose

    Please explain to me what vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and locally sourced diets have to do with healthy eating?

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Dominic, thank you for taking the time to respond. The guide was compiled to provide readers with locations where they can find healthy meals. We also wanted to assist those following specific diets with opportunities to try new locations that would cater to their needs. If you have recommendations, we would certainly welcome them, as we plan to refresh this guide regularly.

      • Dominic Colose

        Your inability to answer the question tells me all I need to know.

      • Nina

        I typed this comment and then found Dominic’s original inquiry, so I’m posting my reply here with his original question.

        I feel that the name of this article is misleading. This is advertised as a list of “healthy” restaurants, but your table headings don’t address “health” or nutrition at all. While the parameters you’ve set could possibly be correlated with health, correlation is not causation. It is possible, for example, to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and still lack proper nutrition, balance, or moderation, just as it is possible to follow an omnivorous diet and eat nutritious, balanced foods in moderation. This isn’t my industry, so someone more knowledgeable than I might be able to describe this more eloquently or accurately.

        By the way I see it, in order to keep the title of the article, this table would need to address the menu items at these restaurants, and any “health” claims would need to consider the ingredients themselves in the dishes – an almost insurmountable task, given the scale of what you are trying to admirably do. I feel the easiest way would be to change the title to something that describes what it is: an inventory of local restaurants that may be attending to the needs of vegetarians, vegans, and who may also be supporting local agriculture (but really, don’t most restaurants in the area hit at least one of these parameters?). To imply that these restaurants are healthy for these reasons is too broad of a leap, especially when the information is coming from a health plan (a company that I think does a lot of good for its members, for the record!).

        I’m going on and on about this because I would LOVE to see you put together a list of healthful restaurants, based on the nutrition, balance, and portions of a subset of dishes offered, with sustainable sourcing of ingredients a plus. The information you presented here is also valuable and not discounted entirely; it’s just not what you are advertising and therefore misleading to your member base.

  5. Linda Borowsjy

    Thanks for this list! As a Weight Watchers leader, it’s great to have a resource like this to refer to.

  6. Richard Matthews

    I am not sure how this list was compiled, but it’s interesting that we were left off the list as well as some other restaurants in Troy that certainly meet some, if not all of the criteria listed to be included. I am the head chef at The Shop, and am certain when I say that we offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, locally sourced items and have handicap access. Our offering also include as many whole foods as possible. We are located at 135 4Th Street in Troy. In addition, I am certain that Peck’s Arcade and Lucas Confectionary pride themselves on their extensive list of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian items. Whether or not there is handicap access I am not certain, as I am not a representative of the other businesses. It is interesting that only three of the dozens of restaurants in Troy made this list. Thanks for your time.

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Richard, thank you for taking the time to comment. We appreciate your suggestions, and will certainly incorporate them into an update of the guide.

  7. Amanda Dolan

    Can The Century House Restaurant be added to this list? We have gluten free options and a responsive chef to prepare meals any way the guests need them prepared. Thanks!

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Amanda, thank you for taking the time to comment about The Century House Restaurant. This is excellent information, and we will be sure to add it to our list.

  8. Shannon Warner

    Can Campagna Restaurant in Malta be added to the list? We have many gluten free options and many of our menu choices are locally sourced.

  9. Sheree Hipwell

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much!! Two others to consider adding are Antipasto’s ( ) in Clifton Park and Empire Wok in Delmar. Both have overwhelming vegetarian and vegan options!!!

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Sheree, so glad you enjoyed the blog, and thanks for the suggestions! We will be adding Antipasto’s and Empire Wok to our guide in a future update.

  10. Ashlee

    Its a shame that there’s not a single mention of organic food on this “healthy” listing. It would be a worthwhile differentiation, since non-organic foods could have been treated with glycophosphate, which was classified by the World Health Organization as a PROBABLE CARCINOGEN.. you know, something that causes cancer.

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Ashlee, thank you for taking the time to comment. I encourage you to visit the websites of the restaurants you are interested in, as they delve deeper into their offerings than we could in our guide. Many of them do include organic foods!

  11. Scott and Lisa Carrino

    Round House Bakery Cafe in Cambridge, NY uses locally sourced ingredients from local organic farmers and producers as much as is possible, we grow many of our ingredients organically on our own farm and offer gluten-free, vegan and organic options and produces all of our meals, salads, soups, breads, pastries and cookies, pies and cakes in house. Yes, to all physical access and we compost our kitchen waste and provide meals that are balanced and nutritious. Please add us to this great list!

    • Natalia Burkart

      Hi Scott and Lisa, thank you for taking the time to comment! We’ll certainly add Round House Bakery Café to our list during a future update.

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