CDPHP Gym Reimbursement: Just What the Doctor Ordered


Dr. Disha Spath promotes the value of physical activity to all of her patients at Latham Internal Medicine of Community Care Physicians, P.C., in Latham, New York.

“It’s my big thing,” Spath said. “If my patients get to a healthy weight and exercise, they may get off their chronic meds and only need me for routine check-ups. I’m just fine with that.”

Spath, a primary care doctor, also practices what she preaches. In addition to working out at the free CDPHP Fitness Connect gym in her office building, she lifts heavy weights a few times per week at ABC Sports & Fitness in Latham.

Earlier this year, Spath, a CDPHP member, found even more incentive to work out, when she reviewed her benefits online and realized CDPHP would reimburse her family up to $600 per benefit year for going to the gym.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Spath said. “It’s the most generous fitness benefit I’ve seen.”

The benefit, new for 2019, provides CDPHP policyholders and their spouse a combined gym reimbursement up to $600 per benefit year for participation at an eligible fitness center.*

In addition to taking advantage of the benefit with her husband, Spath tells her patients who are CDPHP members about it.

“I had a young college student who wanted to lose weight,” Spath said. “She was worried about money. I told her about the benefit and she was very excited to get back in the gym.”

To qualify for the reimbursement, members must visit an eligible facility 50 times within six months – about twice per week. An eligible facility is one that houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical activity. It’s not limited to gyms, either. Yoga, spinning, boxing classes and more all count.

Spath said the benefit might “seem too good to be true, but it’s perfect for anyone who’s on a fixed income or just wants to save money.”

There are countless benefits to exercise, including increased strength and energy, disease prevention, a boost in mood, and so much more.

“I work with my patients and recommend everything from strength training and aqua therapy to yoga and mindfulness activities,” said Spath, who hikes, runs, and does yoga in addition to heavy weight training. “Many medical conditions can be helped with the right exercise plan.”

*Subscriber is entitled to $200 every six months. Spouse is entitled to $100 every six months. Spouse must be a dependent enrolled under the subscriber’s coverage. Not all policies have dependent coverage. See plan contract for complete benefit information

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