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CDPHP Fitness Reimbursement: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Disha Spath promotes the value of physical activity to all of her patients at Latham Internal Medicine of Community Care Physicians, P.C., in Latham, New York.

“It’s my big thing,” Spath said. “If my patients get to a healthy weight and exercise, they may get off their chronic meds and only need me for routine check-ups. I’m just fine with that.”

Spath, a primary care doctor, also practices what she preaches. She lifts heavy weights a few times per week at ABC Sports & Fitness in Latham.

Earlier this year, Spath, a CDPHP member, found even more incentive to work out, when she reviewed her benefits online and realized CDPHP would reimburse her family up to $600 per benefit year for going to the gym, taking paid digital fitness classes, or paying for youth sports fees.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Spath said. “It’s the most generous fitness benefit I’ve seen.”

The benefit provides policyholders on some CDPHP plans and their covered dependents a combined fitness reimbursement up to $600 per benefit year ($400 for subscribers and a combined $200 for covered dependents) for participation at an eligible fitness center or for paid digital fitness classes. The dependent portion can be used for youth sports fees for covered dependents under age 18.

In addition to taking advantage of the benefit with her husband, Spath tells her patients who are CDPHP members about it.

“I had a young college student who wanted to lose weight,” Spath said. “She was worried about money. I told her about the benefit and she was very excited to get back in the gym.”

An eligible facility is one that houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical activity. It’s not limited to gyms, either. Yoga, spinning, boxing classes, and more all count.

Spath said the benefit might “seem too good to be true, but it’s perfect for anyone who’s on a fixed income or just wants to save money.”

There are countless benefits to exercise, including increased strength and energy, disease prevention, a boost in mood, and so much more.

“I work with my patients and recommend everything from strength training and aqua therapy to yoga and mindfulness activities,” said Spath, who hikes, runs, and does yoga in addition to heavy weight training. “Many medical conditions can be helped with the right exercise plan.”

Please call member services at the number on your ID card or check your member contract to see if your plan includes this benefit.

David Filkins
About the Author

David joined CDPHP in April 2016 and is the chief writer and creative lead. He writes and edits content and develops messaging and strategy to support internal and external communications. David has won multiple national awards as a newspaper reporter and served as a publicist for everything from small nonprofits to global brands. He graduated from the University at Albany with a degree in philosophy. In his spare time, David enjoys the outdoors, reading, cooking, live music, Boston Celtics basketball, spending time with his children, David and Daisy, and searching for exciting and unusual experiences with uncertain outcomes.

82 Responses to “CDPHP Fitness Reimbursement: Just What the Doctor Ordered”

  1. Emilia Suarez Riggs

    How do I find eligible fitness center that participate in the gym savings?

    • David Filkins

      Hi, Emilia! Any facility that contains exercise equipment and/or fitness classes will qualify. Spas, for example, do not. I hope this helps!

  2. Cameron S Bonner

    Please clarify if the six month period for the minimum 50 visits is based on a calendar year (Jan to June; July to Dec), or on any six month period. For example for 2019, can I do 50 visits from March thru Aug. followed by another 50 visits from Sept. thru Dec., and qualify for two $200 reimbursements. Thanks,

    • David Filkins

      Hi, Cameron – You are correct, 50 visits during any six-month period during 2019 will qualify you for the fitness reimbursement.

  3. Peter J Schwan

    My wife and I use an online website called Beachbody on Demand for our workouts and a healthy powdered shake called Shakeology that costs $115 a month. We have a fitness facility in our apartment complex that we use to do the workouts. Are we eligible for the CDPHP gym benefit?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Peter – At this time the fitness reimbursement only applies to membership dues/fees paid for exercise facilities, not online/virtual subscriptions. However, I will definitely pass along your feedback to our product innovation team for consideration for the future. Thanks for reaching out!

      • Mary Parker

        I would also like to see this come into effect. My husband and I also use Beachbody and their Shakeology as it is a lot closer distance then any gym we can get too. Any facility that we go to is over 25 miles or so from home. I would like a facility 15 mins away rather then a 1/2 hr to an hr away. This is why we chose this program cause it saves on our gas. This is something I really do hope that becomes a part of our benefit program.

        • David Filkins

          Hi Mary – Thank you for your feedback. I will pass along to the appropriate folks for their consideration.

  4. AmyEggleston

    Planet Fitness would be an eligible gym? assuming you pay out of pocket first?

  5. karie deming

    If my 6mo. membership starts in September and runs through April 2020, is this eligible?

  6. Bonnie Jones

    I go to Girl Fight Fitness in Latham. Kickboxing and cardio. Would this be considered an eligible fitness center?

  7. Barbara Lemley

    This is a great benefit! However, the complimentary CDPHP Gym DOESN”T qualify, even though and according to your direct quote captioned above, it is “Any facility that contains exercise equipment and/or fitness classes will qualify”. Very Frustrating! As I have made a firm commitment to my health since becoming a Widow to cancer 3 years ago and go a minimum of 4 and up to 7 days a week.

    • David Filkins

      Hi Barbara – So glad to hear that you’ve made a commitment to your health. As you mentioned, the CDPHP Fitness Connect gyms are already complimentary, so no need for reimbursement there! If your plans change and you do decide to join a different fitness facility, this reimbursement may be an option for you.

  8. Noah Kucij

    Would visit to multiple different facilities count? For example, visits to multiple branches of the YMCA that add up to 50?

  9. Keith Norman Eveleth

    Gym Reimbursement-Is there a form to have the gym fill out, what paperwork needs to be submitted for the reimbursement?

  10. judy lasher

    how can we get the form from you to bring to our gym?

  11. Helen Comstock

    Be aware that those who are enrolled in a federal gov’t plan do not receive this benefit. The advertisement is very misleading.

    • David Filkins

      Hi Helen – The reimbursement is available with most plans, but not all. We apologize for any confusion.

  12. Kathy Lineaweaver

    Can you tell me where I can find out more information regarding this?
    Thank you!

  13. Joanne monaco

    How do you go about getting reimbursed?

  14. Carol Winkley

    Is the YMCA a qualified fitness center?

  15. Mark

    Would a membership to a YMCA qualify for the discount program?

  16. Eileen

    I have a membership to vent fitness and a cdphp representative told me my plan thru Verizon doesn’t offer this to me, is this true?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Eileen – Most CDPHP plans offer the fitness reimbursement, but not all. You are welcome to contact member services at the number on the front of your CDPHP ID card if you’d like more information specific to your plan.

  17. Sue Black

    If you get your gym membership through Silver Sneakers….can the $600 be reimbursed for trainers you pay for to help establish a routine for you to help with a particular medical concern??

    • David Filkins

      Hi Sue – At this time, the gym reimbursement is available to commercial lines of business only. The CDPHP Senior Fit program, which includes Silver Sneakers, is the fitness benefit available to Medicare Advantage members. You are welcome to contact member services at the number on the front of your CDPHP ID card if you’d like more information specific to your plan.

  18. Hal

    I’m a snowbird. Can I get reimbused for a sc gym?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Hal – A gym in another state would certainly qualify for members eligible for the reimbursement! You are welcome to contact member services at the number on the front of your CDPHP ID card if you’d like more information specific to your plan. You can also visit to learn more.

  19. Julie Manley

    How do I know if my husband and I are eligible for this reimbursement with his policy?
    He works for NYS and I am also Covered on his insurance

    • David Filkins

      Hi Julie – You can call the number on your CDPHP member ID card and a representative will be able to determine if your plan includes the fitness reimbursement benefit.

  20. philip machlowski

    I belong to planet fitness and pay a monthly fee’. how do I work out my reimbursment. Also how do I prove that I visited 5o times in the last 6 months?

  21. mary kelle

    would Tai Chi or karate or Judo classes qualify?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Mary Kelle – Yes, any fees paid for classes or a center for the purpose of physical fitness qualify.

  22. Vincenzo. L Alfano

    how old do you have to be? Can I sign up for myself and a kid?

  23. Kathleen kelly

    I live in the mountains. I am 69 years old. The roads leading off the mountains in bad weather can be treacherous. I joined a gym at the Kaatskill Hotel for 475 dollars for the year. This is in Hunter NY. There are no other gyms on the mountaintop. Would I be eligible for reimbursement. Thank you.

  24. Allen Boxbaum

    how do we demonstrate the attendance, I work out of town and go to a gym there.

  25. William Campbell

    Are you eligible for the gym reimbursement if you are going to any of the CDPHP Connect gyms or does it only apply to those eligible facilities that you pay out of pocket for?

  26. Lee Ann

    Would y be covered

    • David Filkins

      Hi Lee Ann! You can check your contract for the fitness reimbursement benefit by logging into your CDPHP member account at, or by calling member services at the number on your ID card.

  27. Kimberlie DeSilva

    If I am the dependent on my husband’s policy, but he is not a member of a gym, I am. Do I still qualify for the $200.00 reimbursement?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Kimberlie – As the dependent on your spouse’s policy, if the fitness reimbursement benefit is part of your plan, you are entitled to up to $200 per year.

  28. Melissa Vooris

    Could you please look into reimbursement for online gyms for those who workout at home? I only spend $100 a year on my fitness program and workout right from the comfort of my own home and am in the best shape I’ve ever been. It would be nice to also be able to participate in this program. Thank you.

  29. Nancy Simonds

    I belong to Best Fitness in Albany. Sometimes I go to their classes with instructors and sometimes I work out on my own. Can I just get a record of the times I’ve scanned in at the front desk – or do I have to write up the log and get someone’s signature every time I come in to the gym?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Nancy – You can submit a log of times you have swiped into the gym as your proof of visits. Thanks!

  30. Joan Cimino

    Hi, Can you go to 2 different gyms if you don’t exceed your 50 per 6 month period or are you limited to 1 gym?

  31. Maria Ligon

    What about the senior citizen plan Medicare does this have any wellness and fitness programs?

  32. Patricia VanAlstyne

    Is YMCA part of the reimbursement?

  33. jane

    i have been going to a gym in my town for the past 6 years…i recently found out about this benefit, submitted the form and documentation and was denied…what would be the reason for this?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Jane – This benefit went into effect for 2019, so you will need to submit proof of payment and visits for 2019, only. If you have more questions, please contact member services at the number on your ID card.

  34. Darlene

    Can this benefit be used for Pulmonary gyms, fir e.g. Sunnyview Rehabilitation? They have all the gym equipment, needed.

    • David Filkins

      Hi Darlene – A pulmonary gym, like the one at Sunnyview, would certainly qualify! You are welcome to contact member services at the number on the front of your CDPHP ID card if you’d like more information specific to your plan. You can also visit to learn more.

  35. Amanda

    How do we know if our plan reimburses us? and are we able to get a print out at the gym of when we checked in, instead of having them initial each line on the form?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Amanda – You can check your contract for this benefit by logging into or by calling member services at the number on your ID card. Most gyms do offer a printout of your visits. Thanks!

  36. alyssa davis

    I go to a gym 5 times a week and I have been going since October 2018, in January I started logging my visits at the gym and filling out the reimbursement forms. My gym is credit card or cash paid for the month but there is no formal system or receipt. What would be my options to show proof of payment?

    • David Filkins

      Hi Alyssa – Credit card statements are considered valid proof of payment, as long as the statement includes your name, the gym’s name, the amount, and dates of payment. I hope this helps!

  37. David Hooper

    Does this apply to family members? My son goes to college in Burlington and belongs to a rock gym.

    • David Filkins

      David, We’re so glad your son is staying fit at the rock gym! The reimbursement is for subscribers and spouses at this time. We are constantly re-evaluating our plans, so be sure to check back.

  38. Helen Comstock

    I am disappointed that my federal plan does not include any reimbursement for gym membership as they did at one time. They also discontinued the lifepoints program. I don’t understand why federal employees are excluded from these benefits. Please pass this message along to someone who might be in a position to make some changes.

    • David Filkins

      Hi, Helen – We appreciate your feedback and please know that it has been shared with the appropriate decision makers.

  39. Susan B

    Are there any plans to open complimentary gyms outside the capital region? You do realize you have customers in the North Country that can’t feasibly get to the gyms you currently have. And for those on a government plan that can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket, they also need/want access to affordable fitness centers/equipment. They don’t qualify for any reimbursement because of the plan they are on.

    • David Filkins

      Hi, Susan – thank you for reaching out. Yes, we are actively looking to add to our existing locations.

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