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A prescription for personalized care

Pictured from left: Sarah Khan, PharmD, supervising pharmacist, ConnectRx Clifton Park; Lydia E’lisiis, Pharm D, clinical pharmacist, CDPHP; Corey Clavet, CDPHP member; Laura Lewis, PharmD, pharmacist, ConnectRx

When CDPHP member Corey Clavet began experiencing stomach pain in August 2021, he didn’t think much of it at first.

However, the pain intensified and then became excruciating, and he knew he had to get it checked out. After spending a week in the hospital, Corey had an answer: He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

“It wasn’t a total surprise, as it runs in my family,” said Corey. “But it came on very quickly, and just before I was about to start a new job, so I was concerned about managing my symptoms, especially knowing that these conditions are triggered by stress.”

Corey began taking a specialty medication to manage his symptoms, but he reacted to it negatively, experiencing debilitating headaches and fatigue. He received a call from CDPHP clinical pharmacist Lydia D’Elisiis around this time and explained his situation and the side effects he was experiencing.

Corey poses with Lydia, a helpful CDPHP pharmacist
Corey Clavet, a CDPHP member, met Lydia D’Elisiis, a CDPHP pharmacist, who helped connect him to ConnectRx and sort through his medications as a result of a new diagnosis.

CDPHP pharmacists like Lydia are perfectly positioned to provide a unique model of care for members. They effectively coordinate communications between members, providers, and pharmacies to provide efficient, value-based care around high-impact specialty medications.

“Lydia was wonderful, amazing, helpful – there aren’t enough words to describe how patient and understanding she was as we worked through my symptoms and potential solutions,” Corey explained.

After speaking with Corey about his side effects, Lydia referred him to ConnectRx Clifton Park, where he worked with pharmacists Sarah Khan and Laura Lewis, along with his doctor, on his best course of action. It was determined that Corey should switch to a different specialty medication to alleviate his side effects while also keeping his Crohn’s and Colitis symptoms at bay.

Due to a very busy schedule, Corey wasn’t always available by phone when the pharmacy called, but he knew when he called back, Sarah and Laura would be there to answer his questions. “They are always so patient with me, and never try to rush me off the phone, no matter how many questions I ask,” Corey said.

This was especially important when managing the side effects caused by his previous medication. “I spoke to Sarah and Laura at length because I wanted to make sure anything I was taking wasn’t going to result in a drug interaction issue. They took my concerns seriously and were able to advise me on what was safe, and what wasn’t,” Corey explained. 

Corey was taking advantage of free home delivery from ConnectRx but decided one day to pick up his medication so he could meet Sarah and Laura face-to-face. “I was so impressed with the 1785 Route 9 building and with ConnectRx. It was easily accessible, and it was so great to talk to Sarah and Laura in person.”

With his new medication working well and symptoms in check, Corey, an elementary school teacher, has been enjoying a great year with his students.

“I think I enjoyed my interactions with CDPHP and ConnectRx so much because I can relate to them. As a teacher, helping my students makes me feel good, and that’s exactly what the pharmacy team is doing for me.”

ConnectRx pharmacies are currently located in Watervliet and Clifton Park, New York, and accept most major insurances.

Natalia Burkart
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