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CDPHP Free Gyms: What to Expect

Whether you’re an avid gym-goer or new to working out,  free CDPHP Fitness Connect gyms can help you meet your fitness goals. You can sign up online in less than five minutes!

After registering, you’ll receive your key tag in the mail within 10 business days. This key tag gives you access to all 5 Fitness Connect locations! Simply swipe (like a credit card) at the key pad at the gym entrance.

Register for CDPHP Fitness Connect

CDPHP Fitness Connect gyms are unstaffed, so members swipe their key tag to enter into the gym and work out on their own.

All of the gyms have cardiovascular and strength training equipment such as:

  • treadmills,
  • exercise bikes,
  • elliptical machines,
  • free weights and kettlebells,
  • weight machines.

All gyms have bathrooms and lockers, and all have showers except the North Greenbush location.

Need some inspiration for workout routine? A Mayo Clinic strength-training guide offers the basics for learning proper form and not overdoing it. In addition, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has a beginner workout routine, complete with photo illustrations.

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  • We strive to offer a comfortable, friendly environment at Fitness Connect gyms. Please be courteous and respectful of other members by limiting your time on machines to 30 minutes if others are waiting.
  • If you use a locker, be sure to remove your lock when you’re finished so others can use them. Locks that are left on will be removed!
  • Only members age 18 and older are permitted in the gym. For safety reasons, we cannot allow children in the gyms, even if accompanied by an adult. Personal training is not permitted either.

If you lose or misplace your key tag, email cdphpfitnessconnect@cdphp.com to request a new one, or simply re-register. Any questions or concerns, you can email cdphpfitnessconnect@cdphp.com, or leave a voice message by calling 518-641-2190.

Tessia Bekelja
About the Author

Tessia Bekelja has a background in book publishing and higher education and came to CDPHP in 2017. Originally raised in Pennsylvania, she moved to upstate New York after living in Boston. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, catching live music, and eating her way through restaurants in Troy, where she resides with her cat.

3 Responses to “CDPHP Free Gyms: What to Expect”

  1. Angel Medina

    this program will help people get into good shape and stay healthy for many more years.

  2. John Myers

    Great news! How about including a list or link to a list of the CDPHP gyms so members can assess whether the gyms are sufficiently close to realistically facilitate use before they sign up?

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