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Group Exercise: Finding the Fun in Fitness

Being new to a gym can be intimidating. When you walk in, it’s easy to feel out of place, or unsure about where to begin. If this sounds familiar, a group exercise class may be a great place to start to put you on the path to meeting your fitness goals!

Today’s classes have come a long way from the 80’s style Jazzercise® workout you might have in mind. These days, a wide range of group classes are available to meet the needs of virtually every interest and fitness level, ranging from cycling, to yoga, to kickboxing, and more.

There are great reasons to try a group exercise class!

  • The guesswork is gone. When you walk in to a group class, the equipment you need (if any) will be provided for you, and you’ll have an instructor and classmates who can help you get started.
  • Classes can be energizing and motivating. You’ll have music, positive energy from an instructor, and you’ll be working alongside classmates who can motivate you to work hard and reach your fitness goals.
  • You’ll improve your health. Your goal may be to establish a workout routine in hopes of shedding some weight and getting stronger. Or, you might want to learn new and correct ways to exercise. Whatever the reason, a group exercise class can give you the confidence and motivation to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to have fun while doing it.

Ready to get started?

Check out these tips for success at a group exercise class, along with some resources to find a program that’s right for you.

  1. Arrive early. Let the instructor know that you are new, so they can help you get started. It’s also a good time to discuss modifications and more detailed instruction that will meet your fitness level and needs.
  2. Watch and listen. Don’t worry about doing every exercise the perfect way the first time. Have fun and enjoy the experience!
  3. Try a few different classes. Find the instructor and the class that you like best.

Next Steps
An eight-week program that includes group exercise classes, tailored to personal needs, as well as a two-month membership to the Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center. The cost for Next Steps is fully reimbursable for CDPHP commercial members through the CDPHP weight management reimbursement program; CDPHP Medicare Advantage members can participate at no cost.

Senior Fit
Available for CDPHP Medicare Advantage members, this program provides access to numerous gyms and wellness centers, including Silver Sneakers locations.

CDPHP Wellness Classes
Free classes include fitness programs, along with other health topics, and are available throughout the CDPHP service area.

Get Fit, Get Reimbursed
CDPHP members can get reimbursed for up to $400 for going to the gym, and spouses can earn up to $200 for a total of $600 per family!

Ciccotti Center
The center is home to a group exercise studio, a gym, a pool, and more.

Find more ways to get moving and incorporate fitness and exercise into your life, while working to meet your goals.


*This blog was written in collaboration with Sabrina Pontore of the Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center.

Sabrina is a graduate of Florida State University, a wife, and a proud mother of four. As the Group Exercise Coordinator at the Rudy A Ciccotti Center, she loves interacting with the members and teaching multiple classes each week. Sabrina joined Ciccotti five years ago as a member and took full advantage of the Center. After losing 60lbs, she became a certified instructor and joined the fitness staff. You can find Sabrina running around the Center, wearing many different hats. Voted “Most Energetic Instructor” by our members, Sabrina loves working out and gives her all to the Group Exercise classes she teaches.

Jennifer Mance
About the Author

Jenn joined CDPHP's population health and wellness team in 2011, using her education and expertise in public health, exercise science, and nutrition to engage members in preventive health and wellness activities through worksite and community channels. Currently, Jenn resides as a portfolio manager in CDPHP's consumer experience solutions area. In this role, she strives to support members in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through innovative solutions to increase physical activity, enhance nutrition and optimize preventive health activities.

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