August 21, 2017 Healthy Living

“More than a health insurance company”

Not long after becoming a CDPHP Medicare Choices member in 2015, George Knauer received a phone call from CDPHP. He was overdue for a colorectal cancer screening.

“I thought it had only been two years,” Knauer said.

Turns out it had been more than six. So Knauer, 68, of Coxsackie, called his doctor and scheduled a visit. Sure enough, the test revealed growths called polyps that were removed before they could develop into full-blown colorectal cancer.

“If I hadn’t received that call …” Knauer said, trailing off at the thought of what might have been.

The outreach from CDPHP is one of many stories Knauer tells when describing how CDPHP has changed his health and his life over the past few years. A blind, retired plumber, Knauer has utilized numerous resources made available to CDPHP members – everything from diabetes management and nutritional advice to medication review and health coaching.

“The team at CDPHP doesn’t treat you like random person number 437,” Knauer said. “They treat you like someone who they know and care about.”

Knauer feels so strongly about CDPHP that he visited recently to thank employees Rebecca Meli, Miranda Cooper, Rebecca Marsh, Therese Gadomski and others for their support, concern, advice, and weekly calls.

Knauer made a plea to CDPHP members who have questions or concerns about their health: “If you have a problem, just call. There are programs and services available that you may not even know about. CDPHP is more than a health insurance company; it’s a health care company.”

Are you dealing with a serious health issue or simply looking for ways to improve your health? Call our single-source referral line at 1-888-94-CDPHP (23747) and leave a confidential message. A qualified professional will return you call with ways to fulfill your unique needs.


David Filkins
About the Author

David joined CDPHP in April 2016 and is the chief writer and creative lead. He writes and edits content and develops messaging and strategy to support internal and external communications. David has won multiple national awards as a newspaper reporter and served as a publicist for everything from small nonprofits to global brands. He graduated from the University at Albany with a degree in philosophy. In his spare time, David enjoys the outdoors, reading, cooking, live music, Boston Celtics basketball, spending time with his children, David and Daisy, and searching for exciting and unusual experiences with uncertain outcomes.

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