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Healthy Giving Series 1: Homemade Holiday Gifts

Considering creating homemade holiday gifts this year?

It’s a great way to go, especially if you:

  • Want to give a unique, personalized gift
  • Need a present for the person who has everything
  • Are trying to save money during the holiday season
  • Want to have fun and get creative with your holiday gifts
  • Are looking for a way to include the whole family in the season’s gift-giving

The key to success with homemade gifts is to plan ahead! So we’re starting now – collecting homemade gift ideas that are sure to inspire. And because good health is our mission, we’ve made sure to include that in our holiday gift ideas, too.

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Edible gifts (treats to eat!)

DIY holiday mason jars with recipes and ingredients are always a popular idea, and there’s so much you can do to keep them fun and healthy. Try filling them with ingredients for a soup mix, healthy pancake mix, or even risotto.

If you’re more interested in delivering a finished product, there are many “healthified” versions of holiday favorites, like dark chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, or banana bread. For something a little less conventional, try a spicy dry rub or even homemade BBQ sauce for the BBQ connoisseur. The possibilities are endless, which is one of the advantages of creating homemade gifts.

A day at the spa – without the pricespa

Spa and beauty treatments are the ultimate gift for those who like a little pampering. Gifts like homemade spa kits (complete with scrubs and lotions), bath salts, or even homemade heating pads (no sewing skills required!) are perfect for providing much-needed stress relief for your loved ones, or for soothing the tired muscles of the athlete on your list.

musicThe gift of music

While the days of mixed tapes may be long gone, the digital age presents new ways to make homemade soundtracks for the music-lovers in your life. Make playlists for your loved ones – from sappy and sentimental to fun and upbeat, music is a gift that can be extremely personal and heartfelt. Store the MP3s on a USB drive (you can even find USBs that look like mixed tapes if you’re feeling nostalgic).



Repurposing your children’s artwork

If you’re a parent, you know how fast and furious the piles of artwork accumulate! And if you’re like me, you feel awful throwing it away. Repurposing your child’s artwork gets them involved in the gift-giving process, instills a sense of pride about their creation, and will make grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other loved ones very happy. You can get creative with this; make bookmarks, holiday gift tags, collages, tile coasters, and more.

Gifts for your furry, four-legged friendsfurry

Don’t forget the furry, four-legged members of the family! Recipes for healthy puppy chow and cat treats abound, and are the perfect way to acknowledge everyone in the family.

healthyThe gift of (healthy) time

One important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be an artist or any type of domestic diva to give a good homemade gift. You can also give the simple (but priceless) gift of quality time together. Give your loved one a “coupon” for a healthy, home-cooked meal together or an exercise date, because exercise is always better with a friend. You can really get creative with this, doing everything from offering your services as a gym buddy to going skiing or hiking, to hitting up the winter farmers’ markets.

Homemade gifts can really capture the true spirit of the holidays because of their ability to create something so uniquely personal and heartfelt. And that’s something even the biggest Black Friday sale can’t do. Consider creating some handmade gifts this holiday season!

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Stacey Cheney
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3 Responses to “Healthy Giving Series 1: Homemade Holiday Gifts”

  1. Karen

    This is a great tool. Thanks so much for posting this. I am always looking for more creative ideas.

  2. J. Parker

    A little concerned regarding making a mixed tape for a gift. Individuals could be breaking the law – a license is usually needed if copying music. If a music CD, download, etc. is purchased, it is for your use only, not to be shared with others. It is considered piracy.

    • Stacey Cheney

      Thanks for your comment! To clarify, the intent of this idea was for an individual to purchase songs for exclusive use in a mixed CD that they would give as a gift – not to be used for personal use, as well. We were not endorsing an individual using their own personal music collection to copy songs and then distribute as gifts.

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