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Healthy Giving Series 3: Food

In our third and final installment of the Healthy Giving series, we’ll take a look at gifts for the foodies in your life – the healthy foodies, of course! (New to the series? Read Part 1 and Part 2.)

Healthy Snacks – Delivered to their Door


Subscription services are great ways to give a gift that will last year-round (or a least a few extra months, depending on the cost and your budget). Healthy snack subscription services deliver new and healthy snacks each month. These are perfect for people who love healthy food – and who like to be adventurous in trying new things, as well. There are plenty options to choose from, like:

  • BREAKbox by blissmo – With personal, group, team, and office sizes, there are so many ways to gift these healthy snacks.
  • NatureBox – These boxes have something tasty and nutritious for everyone, offering both vegan and non-GMO options.
  • Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box – If you have a food lover and a music lover on your list, this is one of the most unique subscription services out there. A subscription gets them a seven-inch vinyl single, a digital mixtape, a few healthy ingredients, three seasonal recipes, and occasional bonus treats.
  • Love with Food – Ideal for the budget-conscious, these junk-free snacks start with a lower price point. Plus, for every box sent, they donate a meal to fight childhood hunger in America, so it’s a win/win.
  • Monthly Fruit Club – The Fruit Company’s Monthly Fruit Club packages are shipped at the peak of harvest, so you’re able to give the gift of the very freshest, in-season fruit delivered right to their door.

Healthy Eating – Without the Cleanup

If you’ve got busy people in your life, a night out when they don’t have to cook (or clean) may be just the thing on their wish list. Keep it healthy by giving them a gift card to a healthy restaurant, so they can eat food they feel good about. For a guide to some of the health options in your area, check out our Regional Guide to Healthy Restaurants in New York State.

Gifts for the Kitchen or Chef


Of course, the act of cooking and preparing food is fun for some people. For them, the key is finding gifts that can make their kitchen experiences even more enjoyable – and healthy! A few ideas to get you started:

  • Steamers can be used for cooking vegetables, meat, and fish – and are a great way to cook without adding fat or losing nutrients in your food. Plus, they can be cost-effective if you’re on a budget.
  • Fruit and vegetable juicers are an easy way to get a delicious dose of much needed nutrients.
  • Some gadgets are small enough that they may not seem like a gift on their own. In those cases, consider creating a healthy cooking-themed basket, and fill it with a variety of items, like: an egg separator, fruit and vegetable savers, an oil mister, an herb grinding mill, vegetable peelers, or meal preparation containers.

“Grow-Your-Own” Gifts


If you’re coming up with gifts for a cook who likes to do things on their own, consider a gift that helps them get the fresh ingredients they need.

  • A community-supported agriculture (CSA) membership entitles your friend or loved one to a “share” of freshly harvested produce from a regional farmer.
  • Indoor herb garden and herb garden kits make it possible to harvest small amounts of herbs and veggies at home – even during the cold winter months!

Looking for more healthy gift ideas? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our Healthy Giving Series, for a look at homemade healthy gifts and the gift of fitness!


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