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Supporting the journey to and through parenthood

One of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is whether or not to start a family. If your answer is yes you’re ready, then wouldn’t it be nice to have extra support along the way?

No, I’m not talking about the unsolicited advice you may get from your family, friends, or even people you’ve just met. I’m talking about having support from professionals who are dedicated to helping women and their families during their journey to parenthood.

Having support through some of your biggest life’s transitions is invaluable, and that’s what Ovia Health is here to do. Ovia Health is an app-based solution offering virtual programing for all your family health needs including fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.

As you navigate each part of your journey, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, or even alone. This is where Ovia Health can help. Ovia Health and their team of coaches are your expert companion that you can talk with, ask questions, or find articles about topics that are relevant to you. You can easily log how you’re feeling, watch your progress as you grow, track habits and cycles, and more.

Ovia Health makes it simple to understand your overall health and where you are in your journey by providing education and 1-on-1 support. Whether you’re learning the rhythm of your menstrual cycle, trying to conceive, pregnant, or are diving into parenting – Ovia Health is there for you.

Ovia Health has a team of in-house coaches who are available seven days a week to answer questions and guide you in the right direction. They will get to know you and give you advice tailored to your unique health journey.

Recently, the Ovia Health coaching team guided a member who was struggling with her mental health during her pregnancy. The member shared that she had considered an antidepressant medication but was worried about how that may impact the pregnancy. The coach shared information and resources about the safety of certain antidepressants during pregnancy, as well as tips and strategies for effectively managing stress. The Ovia Health coach also encouraged the member to reach out to her provider and offered to help connect her with her provider if needed. The member was grateful for having Ovia Health in her corner, and was able to safely and confidently obtain the care she needed from her provider, while also practicing strategies that the coach recommended to ensure she would have a happier and healthier pregnancy moving forward.

No matter your question or concern, Ovia Health is here to help. Whether you are unsure about your menstrual cycle, confused about a pregnancy symptom, or are having trouble getting your infant to sleep – you can find Ovia Health’s team of experts in your pocket whenever you need them.

Download one of the Ovia solutions on the Android or Apple store today:

Ovia Fertility helps women learn more about their health and fertility with cycle tracking, personalized insights, and unlimited health coaching.

Ovia Pregnancy supports healthy pregnancies by providing timely articles, health and wellness tips, weekly pregnancy updates, and unlimited health coaching.

Ovia Parenting supports families with baby health tracking, expert parenting articles, age-specific tips and guidance, and unlimited health coaching.

The Ovia Health apps are available at no-cost on the Apple and Android app store. Eligible* CDPHP members also have access to premium features, which can be accessed by selecting that you have Ovia Health as a benefit during signup and entering CDPHP. Learn more about Ovia Health.

Note: This coaching anecdote is an illustrative example only. To protect member privacy, Ovia Health does not disclose the details of actual coaching interactions.

*Participation in these services is dependent on plan type and may not apply for self-funded plan members. Log in to your member account to check your eligibility.

Elise Shaver
About the Author

Elise Shaver joined CDPHP® in February 2021 as a marketing communications coordinator and currently serves as communications specialist. A native of the Capital Region, Elise earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Siena College. She brings several years of experience in both the marketing and not-for-profit industry. Elise enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and spending time with her family.

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