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When you talk – we listen! 

It might not be the most exciting piece of mail you receive – but if you get a member survey from CDPHP, you have a unique opportunity to tell us how happy you are with the care you receive from your doctors and other providers, and what you like about CDPHP. We listen closely to what you have to say, and your voice does make a difference!

Throughout the year, surveys are sent to a random sample of our members to get your valuable input and opinions. Most of the reviews we receive include positive reports about our providers and everything you like about CDPHP as a health plan, but we also pay close attention to constructive feedback if our members have a less-than-perfect experience. It helps us and your doctors to always be thinking about how we can serve you better.

How we’ve used your feedback

When members have mentioned difficulty in scheduling appointments with doctors or specialists as quickly as they expected:

Being thankful for feedback

When some members were frustrated with the coordination of care between their providers:

  • We asked doctors’ offices to make sure their patient website (“portal”) is convenient for you, with features that make it easier to communicate with your health care providers.
  • We encouraged members to use the valuable Hixny program – an electronic way to keep all your doctors up-to-date with medical records, so that they can coordinate your care more quickly and efficiently.
  • We created pamphlets and refrigerator magnets for our members, with tips for talking to your doctor about specialist visits, all your medications, and any recent falls. 

You’ve made us better!

As you can see, feedback from our members has resulted in higher quality care – and drives our mission of helping you and your family to enjoy happy and healthy lives.

So, if you get a member survey in the mail, please don’t toss it! Use it to tell us what you like about CDPHP and the health care providers in our network. At CDPHP, your voice is heard!

Join our Insights community

Using feedback to develop insights on how to better your experience.

You can have an even bigger voice by joining CDPHP Insights, a vibrant online community of our members who participate in regular surveys via email. These enjoyable and thought-provoking surveys give you the chance to share your opinion on a variety of topics – including your health care experiences, fitness and nutrition, and CDPHP programs and initiatives. Find out more and sign up on the Insights page at CDPHP.com!

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About the Author

Dan joined CDPHP as a communications specialist in 2021, continuing a 15-year career as a writer, marketer, and media professional. His work as Creative Director for iHeartMedia was recognized by the American Advertising Federation and National Radio Mercury Awards. Dan is a regular volunteer with United Way and other community groups, and enjoys filling his free time with Adirondack hikes, playing guitar with friends, and capturing glimmer moments with his camera.

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