March 13, 2015 How-To

My CDPHP Mobile App: Get the Most from Your Mobile Benefits

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You’re at your doctor’s office for your annual physical. As in past years, the office staff asks you to update your personal information and health history. Then they ask you for your insurance ID card so they can scan it for their files. You open your wallet, sort through the various credit cards and rewards club cards, and realize to your dismay that you left your ID card at home.

Or, what about this one? You’re on a weekend getaway in Lake Placid, and you trip over a crack in the sidewalk and sprain your ankle. Since your injury isn’t serious, you’d prefer not to have to drive back to the Albany area to see a doctor if you can help it. You don’t have access to a computer and it’s after business hours on a Saturday, so how would you go about locating a nearby urgent care center?

Enter My CDPHP Mobile. CDPHP® members can take comfort in the fact that the solutions to these minor dilemmas, and a few more to be sure, lie within this handy, helpful—and let’s not forget free—app.

You Can Take It with You

Your health benefit information, that is. That’s the beauty of My CDPHP Mobile—you can quickly and easily access just about everything required to manage your health care coverage while on the go. If the above-mentioned situations aren’t enough to convince you to download it and give it a try, perhaps a rundown of its features will.

About Those Features…

Let’s get started by addressing the two scenarios at the beginning, which had to do with a forgotten ID card and finding an urgent care center to treat an injury. To access these features, you just open the app and log in using the same user ID and password that you set up for the secure member site. If you don’t have an account yet, click Register.

Once you’re logged in, click the ID Card option on the home screen and you’ll see an image of your card. You can even email and fax your card to your provider (tap the image and Email and Fax buttons will appear).

To find an urgent care center, select the Find-A-Doc option on the home screen. This includes hospitals, labs, radiology providers and more. Next, complete the required information, including your plan type, which you can find on your ID card. Finally, click Search at the top and a list of providers within the specified search radius will display.

Other app attributes include:

  • My Benefits: This feature comes in handy when you need to verify your copay and coinsurance, deductible status, and service limits for your medical, dental, and pharmacy benefits.
  • My Information: This lists the personal information that CDPHP has on file for you and your dependents. It’s especially helpful if you need your group ID and subscriber ID numbers for any reason.
  • Contact CDPHP: Located at the bottom of your screen, click this option for our address, to call us, and to even send a confidential message to us safely and securely.

Download My CDPHP Mobile Today!

Convinced? Don’t wait a second longer to download this free, valuable app to your smartphone and/or tablet today. You’ll thank yourself later.

Alexa Kerins
About the Author

Alexa is a senior communications consultant at CDPHP who plans, writes, and edits communications for a variety of projects. She is an eternal optimist who likes good food, fun exercise classes, traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends. You can often find her obsessing over her mini golden doodle and uttering cheesy quotes like “you’re the bee’s knees” and “team work makes the dream work."

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