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How to Use Your Plan to Help Your Health and Your Wallet

As embarrassing as this is to admit, before working at CDPHP, I really had no idea how my health insurance company could help me with my health. All I knew is that I paid a bill each month, then I’d have health care coverage when I needed it – that was about it.

Now, as a CDPHP employee, my eyes have completely opened to all of the “extra” programs and services that members have access to. Health insurance companies have come a long way over the years. They aren’t here to only help you when you’re sick, but they’re here by your side when you’re healthy, too. With CDPHP health plans, members can receive gym reimbursements, video chat with a doctor from the comfort of their home, get discounts on prescriptions at the pharmacy, join a step challenge, and even try an African dance class!

Back to my original point: It’s not just about the standard health coverage anymore.

By using these no-cost extras that come with a health insurance plan, members can improve their health, save money, and just make life a heck of a lot easier overall. But don’t take my word for it. Check out how CDPHP member, “Taylor,” uses her plan beyond the regular ways that we normally think.

Some of Taylor’s friends have been talking about the step challenge they signed up for in CaféWell, so she registered for it online during lunch.

Haven’t tried CaféWell yet? This interactive website gives you the guidance and support you need to take control of your health. Plus, you can earn Life Points to redeem for gift cards when you complete activities!


After work, Taylor was able to squeeze in a quick workout at Fitness Connect.

There are five FREE CDPHP Fitness Connect locations in the Capital Region, and there is a full setup of cardio and strength-training equipment at each one


There’s no good time for your child to be sick, but in the middle of the night, it makes things even harder. Taylor and her son were able to have a live video doctor visit in less than three minutes by using Doctor On Demand.

Doctor On Demand* is a safe and convenient way to talk with a doctor anytime day or night. No need to make an appointment, and you don’t even have to leave your house.


The medication for Taylor’s son was listed on Rx for Less, and she swung by her local pharmacy to pick up the prescription.

With Rx for Less, CDPHP® members with prescription drug benefits can get medications for as little as a penny a pill on certain generic drugs when purchased at any CVS/pharmacy, Hannaford, Price Chopper/Market 32, ShopRite, Target, or Walmart.


No cost, no excuses. Second workout of the week at Fitness Connect!

But really though. It’s a FREE gym.

Taylor and her husband used Zipongo to throw together a quick grilled chicken with chipotle-orange glaze for a healthy and delicious family dinner.

Zipongo is an app that can help you make healthier food choices at home and on the go. Receive access to deals on healthy foods at your favorite grocery stores; personalized recipes; meal plans; and more.

Taylor planned annual checkups* for her family. She used Find-A-Doc, the easy-to-use online tool, to search for a local primary care physician (PCP).* Annual checkups are free for everyone covered on a CDPHP health plan.


After meeting with a registered dietitian and shedding a few pounds, Taylor submitted a quick and easy form to CDPHP so she could receive $75 back as part of the weight management reimbursement benefit.

This benefit lets members get some money back in their pocket after they complete a weight management program. Programs like WW, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem—and even meeting with a registered dietitian—all count!

She’s at it again! Strength-training day at Fitness Connect.

Have we mentioned it’s free?

If you prefer to exercise at a different gym or group fitness location, check out this gym reimbursement benefit. Eligible members can receive up to $400 for going to the gym, and their spouse can earn up to $200 – a total of $600 per family!

By using the CDPHP Member Deals program, Taylor and her family were able to attend a local college basketball game at a discounted rate.

CDPHP Member Deals has all kinds of fun local deals and discounts for area hot spots. Deals are always being added!


Taylor used Zipongo again to plan out family meals for the upcoming week. The app automatically made a grocery list for each meal’s ingredients that she used when he went to the store.

Zipongo even connects to Instacart**, which delivers groceries right to your home.


The whole family popped over to the local library for a family vegetable-gardening class where they were able to hear stories, get some gardening tips, and planted seeds in pots to take home.

All CDPHP members have access to free wellness classes that cover topics like fitness, healthy families, nutrition, senior health, and more. Most of the classes have interactive activities like the vegetable-gardening one that Taylor went to.


In one week, Taylor exercised three times, saw a doctor from the comfort of home, picked up discounted medication, received healthy meal recommendations, found a new, local doctor, and more – all because she’s a CDPHP member. That’s what it means to be a health plan instead of just an insurance company.

Questions about CDPHP programs that might benefit you? Call member services at the number on the back of your ID card.

*Costs vary by plan type. Please call the number on the front of your CDPHP member ID card to see if the Doctor On Demand benefit is covered by your plan.

**Availability varies by location 

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