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Annual CAHPS and HEDIS Survey Results: An Overview

On an annual basis, CDPHP assesses member satisfaction with their health care providers and our health plan using the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) and Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) surveys. Members rate their satisfaction with various aspects of health care, including their health plan, overall health care, primary and specialty care, provider communication, shared decision making, health promotion, coordination of care, and access to care. At CDPHP, we use the results to enhance members’ care experience by building on our strengths and making necessary changes to address any areas that could be improved.

The Highs

Overall, our members gave high marks to CDPHP when compared to other national health plans, and the results indicate that we are making advances each year. Top scores were noted when members were asked to rate their satisfaction with their personal doctor, specialists, and ability to access routine care, as well as how well their doctors communicate.

Room for Improvement

Survey results indicated only moderate satisfaction with coordination of care and shared decision making, which are important aspects of a member’s health care experience. And while members were highly satisfied with their care providers when discussing reasons to take a medicine, lower satisfaction was noted when members were asked to rate how well their physician communicated reasons not to take a medicine. Members’ satisfaction level was also lower when they were asked to consider whether the physician inquired what they thought was the best plan of care for themselves. Likewise, although members were highly satisfied with their personal doctor’s medical record keeping and help managing care across specialists, lower satisfaction was noted with their personal doctor keeping informed and up-to-date about their specialty care.

More specific information on the survey results can be found in the HEDIS and CAHPS reports.

Adele O'Connell
About the Author

Adele joined CDPHP in 2004 as an internal communications and event specialist. She then spent eight years coordinating the company’s community relations and corporate events program, in which capacity she worked with a host of non-profit organizations and co-chaired the CDPHP annual Charity of Choice campaign. Currently, she is a communications specialist and coordinator of corporate member engagement and serves on the boards of two local charities. Prior to CDPHP, Adele served as a legislative assistant for a trade association and as an acquisitions and developmental editor, specializing in educational and medical publishing. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Rosemont College.

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