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When patients, providers, and health insurance companies work together, we can create happier, healthier communities. CDPHP values the partnership we have with you and want to work alongside you to make sure you have the resources you need to get your job done. From easy access to patient benefit and claims information through the provider portal to in-office visits from our provider relations team, CDPHP is committed to working with you.

Chances are the health care landscape today looks much different than when you started your career: regulations are implemented and then change, quality measures evolve and shift, and patients face an increasingly complicated and costly system. We’re committed to keeping you up to date with news you need to know. Visit here often for the information and resources you need to stay current on the local health care landscape.

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The Critical Role of Physicians in Adolescent Well Care

While helping adolescents avoid unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse is necessarily a community-wide initiative, primary care providers are in a great position to support teens and their families in this effort. Indeed, a healthy transition to adulthood relies on having a non-judgmental adult who can offer accurate information about sensitive topics like sex, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, body image issues, smoking, depression, and substance use/abuse, among others.

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Early Childhood Screenings Help Ensure Healthy Outcomes

CDPHP is supporting a New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) performance improvement project to promote screening, testing, and linkage to services for Managed Medicaid members ages birth to three years. The initiative focuses on achieving improved health outcomes for these children and educating parents/caregivers about the negative consequences of lead exposure, newborn hearing loss, and undiagnosed developmental delays.

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Social Determinants of Health: Breaking Down Barriers to Care

CDPHP has partnered with multiple community organizations to identify resources that can help remove barriers to care for those members who are grappling with issues like food insecurity, housing instability, and transportation. If your CDPHP patient needs this type of assistance, you can call our Single Source Referral Line at 1-888-942-3747, providing the patient’s name, date of birth, and social determinant of health issue, and we will connect the member to the appropriate local resource.

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Finding the Best Resources for Patients Who Misuse Alcohol or Drugs

Due to the increased prevalence of substance abuse and misuse, CDPHP is taking steps to work with you to initiate and engage members in care. Many people who misuse alcohol and other drugs disclose their substance use concerns to their health care providers. If you determine your patient needs help, please make a referral to a local substance abuse program. (You can use CDPHP® Find-A-Doc to find in-network programs in your area.) In the Capital Region, Conifer Park, SPARC, and Senior Hope are among the treatment facilities most often selected for referral.

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Improving Health Outcomes During Transitions of Care

Patients, particularly the elderly and those with complex health needs, are at increased risk of complications and poor health outcomes when communication between care settings and providers is not well coordinated and documented. The NCQA/HEDIS Transitions of Care (TRC) measure is intended to improve patient outcomes by reducing or eliminating the incidence of medication errors, unnecessary or duplicate testing, increased emergency room visits, and readmissions to the hospital.

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