November 19, 2021 News

CDPHP Joining Forces with Community Care Physicians

It’s an historic day in the Capital Region as two of the most trusted names in health care have announced – we’re joining forces!

Community Care Physicians (CCP) and Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP) are teaming up to further enhance the quality and experience of care for patients throughout the region.

As part of the partnership, CCP and CDPHP will create a new management services organization (MSO) that will provide the administrative, non-patient care work needed to run a doctor’s office. The MSO will support all non-clinical functions for the CCP family of practices, allowing doctors and clinicians to focus their time and attention on taking care of patients.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why would a doctor’s office team up with a health plan?”

The simple answer is – we have a lot in common. Our like-minded organizations were both founded by local, practicing doctors and we share a mission of making a difference in the health – and happiness – of patients throughout the region.

You may also be wondering, “What does this mean for me?”

The short answer is – CCP patients and CDPHP members probably won’t notice a thing. While we’re working in the background to develop new and innovative ways to take care of you, there will be no disruption in care for CCP patients or CDPHP members. In fact, we expect that – by working more closely together – patients will experience greater coordination in care and an improved patient experience.

You do not need to be a CDPHP member to be seen by a Community Care provider, and CCP will continue to accept patients with all types of insurers.

There have also been questions like, “How will this impact the cost of health care in our community?”

We’re proud to say that we expect this partnership will lead to lower health care costs. To accomplish this, our teams will be working in lockstep to ensure our customers get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. That means, if a CDPHP member needs a colonoscopy or mammogram, we’ll work directly with CCP physicians to ensure the appropriate screening is scheduled and all necessary follow up care is received.

Partnering together, we’re confident we can improve the health of our community, which will lead to lower health care costs for all. We’re incredibly excited to begin this journey together, and we look forward to helping local patients live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Dr. Shirish Parikh
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Community Care Physicians

Dr. John D. Bennett
President and CEO, CDPHP

John D. Bennett, MD, FACC, FACP
About the Author

John D. Bennett, MD, FACC, FACP, is president and CEO of Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP), an award-winning, physician aligned, not-for-profit health plan based in Albany, NY. Bennett has held the position since 2008 after serving more than 10 years as chair, vice chair, and board member for CDPHP. During his tenure, CDPHP has been ranked among the top-performing health plans in New York and the nation, most recently named #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the 2023 J.D. Power Member Health Plan Study. Under his leadership, CDPHP has also become known as a model employer regionally and nationally and was recently named among the top five Best Companies to Work for in New York by the Society for Human Resource Management, as well as Forbes Best-in-State Employers 2022. Prior to joining CDPHP, Bennett served as founding member and CEO of Prime Care Physicians, PLLC. During his tenure, he co-led a team of 25 cardiologists and helped grow the practice to a 100-physician multi-specialty group. Bennett is board certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Internal Medicine, with subspecialties in internal medicine and cardiology. He earned his medical degree at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, and a Bachelor of Science degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Bennett completed an internship and residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Albany Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Physicians. Bennett is currently board chair for the Center for Economic Growth and the Capital Region Chamber, and vice chair for the Palace Theatre. Bennett also serves on the boards of the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP), America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Russell Sage Colleges. Bennett is a member of the New York Public Health and Health Planning Council where he helps shape decisions related to New York State's public health and health care delivery system. Well-known locally and nationally for advancing health care innovation, Bennett was recently named to Crain’s New York Business 2021 Notable in Health Care, as well as the Albany Business Review’s Power 50 list.

25 Responses to “CDPHP Joining Forces with Community Care Physicians”

  1. Jo Ann Palma

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean my other specialist physicians wouldn’t be part of CDPHP coverage. I would not change them.

    • Dr. Bennett

      Hi Joanna, I’m glad you asked that question. No, there will be no change in coverage for any of your specialists as a result of this partnership. I appreciate your question and concern. All my best! – Dr. Bennett

  2. William Tyrrell

    Now that you are merged with a large physician practice, how can we CDPHP covered individuals be sure you won’t be cutting off current participating physicians including mine???? How can we go aboiut objecting to the merger?

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi William, CDPHP prides itself on offering members – like yourself – a wide network of doctors that fit your need. With that being said, we will not be removing any providers from our network as result of this partnership. If anything, we hope to grow our network and offer you MORE choices. Thank you for your question. Be well! – Dr. Bennett

  3. Maria

    Hi, Having been a CDPHP member for many years now that’s also a recent NYSLRS retiree, who anticipates will be spending winters in the sunbelt and traveling places in the summer, it came to my attention that this means we apparently will need to switch to a different health insurance plan now, as CDPHP does not provide for any allowance for providers outside of this region where we have resided. This also means we will sadly have to change our insurance coverage from CDPHP to most likely UHC/Empire coverage instead. Hence, if there’s any way to offer coverage to members outside of this immediate region, who may travel a lot in summer or who my reside in say the sunbelt states in Winter, we would not have to exchange this plan for something like the United Health/Empire retiree plan. So just wondering if that might also be possible, since your now joining forces with CCP who include many of my local medical providers. Thanks!

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Maria, With any of our CDPHP HMO Medicare plans you must live in the CDPHP service area for at least 6 months out of the year. Many snowbirds still have their CDPHP HMO Medicare plan with NYSHIP even when they are out of the area with several different features: Worldwide Emergency and urgent care services, Doctor on Demand that provides access to a board- certified physician 24/7 with no copay, treatment at more than 1,100 CVS minute clinics, and continue to fill your prescriptions at hundreds of conveniently-located pharmacies.

  4. Erma Catanzarita-Benassi

    Will we get something showing us what is better about the joining of these two company’s. When we merged with St Peters lots of mistakes.
    Where would I go to with my questions as they arise. I am 70 years old and are misled by some of the talk in these!

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Erma, Thanks for taking the time to write. It sounds like you know your stuff and have been paying close attention to all the changes in health care. With that in mind, I would like to personally invite you to join our CDPHP Member Advisory Committee. It’s a forum for members – like yourself – to help shape and improve health care in our region. A member of my team will be following up! They will also be able to answer any questions you have going forward. All my best! – Dr. Bennett


    Do I have to see CCP doctors only?

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Vicki, Great question! No, you can continue seeing your current doctor, or any other doctor in our network. Our partnership with CCP does not change that. Be well! – Dr. Bennett

  6. Carol

    Our CCP Doctor offers an on site lab for blood tests following appointments, but we are always billed for an extra co-pay which seems unfair to us since it means that if we have to go to another lab it means another trip. Curious to know if this coverage will change for an improved coverage now that CDPHP and CCP are joining.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Carol, You’re right, some labs are considered “preferred” and are therefor less expensive for patients to use. The solution is a little complicated based on current arrangements with existing partners, but I hear what you’re saying, and I’m committed to a positive long-term solution. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. – Dr. Bennett

  7. Marcia

    I believe Dr. Susan Dorsey should be added to your list. She listens carefully to phone calls and in-person visits, responds quickly to portal messages, and prescribes medications that she would prescribe to her family or herself. Her recommendations of physicians are excellent which I am sorry to say are not always true of other physicians. I believe she cares very much about her patients.

  8. Marcia Snyder

    I believe Dr. Susan Dorsey should be added to your list. She listens carefully to phone calls and in-person visits, responds quickly to portal messages, and prescribes medications that she would prescribe to her family or herself. Her recommendations of physicians are excellent which I am sorry to say are not always true of other physicians. I believe she cares very much about her patients.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Marcia, I’m excited to tell you that Dr. Dorsey’s team at Community Care Physicians did, in fact, make our CDPHP Top Doctors list. I’m so glad that you’ve found a physician you really like – that’s so important. All my best! – Dr. Bennett

  9. Mark D Babie

    As a subscriber of CDPHP for many years into my Medicare Program and a courier for LabCorp where I got to know Community Care Physicians community, It’s a great marriage and congratulations!

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Mark, Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate your kind and supportive words. Have a happy holiday season! -Dr. Bennett

  10. Bob Schwarz

    All I ask for is that you guys/girls keep the quality of care at the same level as NOW.

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Bob, We not only hope to maintain the quality of care you have come to know and trust, we plan to raise the bar even further! Thank you for holding us to high standard. Be well! – Dr. Bennett

  11. Richard Hixon

    Will CDPHP still cover specialist procedures at other facilities; eg procedures at AMCH neurology?
    Thank you

    • Dr. John Bennett

      Hi Richard, Great question! Your coverage will not change as a result of this partnership, so yes, you will continue to be able to see your current specialists. Thank you for asking. Happy holidays! – Dr. Bennett

  12. Helen Dansereau

    I joined CDPHP in 2017. They have been fantastic. Everyone I’ve dealt has been polite, willing to take and patiently answer all my questions.If CDPHP is on board so am I.

    • Dr. Bennett

      Hi, Helen – Thank you so much for your kind remarks and support. We are lucky to have you in our corner!

  13. marlene ann connell

    Why didnt CDPHP promote this merger?

    • Dr. Bennett

      Hi, Marlene – We are still very much in the process of promoting our partnership. I do want to be clear, however, this is a not merger. You will start hearing more about the partnership – and how it will benefit local patients – in the very near future. Thanks for your feedback!

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