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The Faces Behind the CDPHP Care Team – Kathleen

We’re taking a moment to introduce you to the faces behind the CDPHP Care Team, a group of doctors, nurses, social workers, and benefit specialists who help our members navigate their way through a hospital stay through the CDPHP Hospital to Home program.

Previously, we introduced you to Miranda , a social worker who said her favorite part about her job is when members experience an “ah ha” moment and there’s a positive change in their health or situation.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Kathleen, an inpatient care manager.

Meet Kathleen

How long have you been with CDPHP? What’s your current role? And what’s your favorite part about the job? I’ve been with CDPHP for 10 years, and I’m currently an inpatient care manager. My favorite part about the job is helping members

What did you do prior to joining CDPHP? Prior to joining CDPHP, I worked in multiple areas at Sunnyview, including the emergency room, neurological intensive care unit (ICU), post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and maternity. In fact, I still do some of this work part-time for patients with home care needs.

The COVID-19 crisis has been difficult for so many of us. In your role, what are some creative ways you’ve worked to support CDPHP members and their families during these difficult times? I have been communicating a great deal with families during these difficult time. For a long time, no one was able to have visitors, so getting updates was extremely challenging. I love that I’m able to be the bridge for patients, whether it be providing updates on a medical condition or advocating for a member to be transferred to a rehabilitation center that’s closer to home so loved ones can visit. A lot of times I’m there to just listen, especially when they have no one else to talk to. It means a lot to me and the members.

These are scary times. As a health care provider, what’s been the scariest thing you’ve had to deal with? The scariest part has been concern that members would get infected with COVID-19, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Fortunately, the hospitals have done a wonderful job keeping everyone safe, but I’m always looking out for our members’ safety, so this has been a stressful time for all of us working on the frontlines.

What’s your best advice for CDPHP members who experience a hospital admission? What I want people to know is that we’re really here for them and families. We will do whatever it takes to help our members, whether it be arranging transportation, assisting with food support, helping schedule follow up care, or talking to them about their medications. We understand these are tough times, and we want people to know we’re here for them.  

What’s your most memorable moment from the 12 months? I have had several memorable moments, but the ones that affect me most are when a member passes away…I listen, I provide support, I have even cried with them. I have had several families call and thank me for being there during this time, and it really means a lot to me.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2021? My biggest wish for 2021 is for families to be reunited again, particularly when they need to be in the hospital. We all need to be there for each other, and it breaks my heart when families cannot be together.

What do you do when you’re not working? I enjoy spending time with my husband, my children, and my 9 month old grandchild.

Be sure to check back over the next few weeks as we introduce you to even more members of the team.

Ali Skinner
About the Author

Ali Skinner is a communications professional with nearly 20 years of media, marketing, advertising, and public relations experience. She joined CDPHP in November 2011 and currently serves as Vice President, Communications and External Affairs for one of the top health plans in New York and the nation. In this role, Ali oversees all internal and external communications, public relations, and government relations for the plan’s 400,000 members and 1,200 employees. A self-described recovering journalist, Ali spent 10 years writing and delivering news for a number of television and radio stations in the Syracuse and Albany, NY markets. Today, she uses her journalism background to help patients and the public make sense of complex health care topics.

4 Responses to “The Faces Behind the CDPHP Care Team – Kathleen”

  1. Hans Pogge

    Any reaction on Flu shot with
    COVID-19 shots?

    • Ali Skinner

      Hi Hans, It’s essential that you continue with routine vaccinations during the pandemic. This include getting your annual flu shot. If you have any concerns about the timing of either the flu shot or COVID-19 vaccine, please give your health care provider a call.

  2. Jennie

    Thank you for taking the time to introduce key players in our care at CDPHP! It helps to give a stronger sense of connectedness to members like myself. Again, well done!

    • Ali Skinner

      Hi Jennie,

      It’s my pleasure! It was so nice to learn about members of the team and share their stories with our community. Thank you for the feedback!

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