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In this day and age, what isn’t accessible and feasible via the internet? From shopping (clothing, groceries, housewares, you name it), to banking, to bill paying, to entertainment, if you have a web-enabled device, you can take care of all your needs quickly and efficiently.

If you’re thinking how nice it would be if this convenience extended to your health insurance, you’re in luck. By setting up your online account on, you can monitor your benefits, claims activity, and more in one centralized location. Intrigued? Let’s examine the top 10 reasons to log in.

No. 1: Access Resources for Staying Healthy

Our top priority is your and your family’s health. To help you live well and stay well, we’ve made some helpful tools available that you can access from your homepage.  Under the My Resources column, click Taking Care of Yourself to:

  • Complete your personal health assessment (PHA)
  • Participate in Healthy Conversations, which are online support programs that focus on such topics as weight loss and smoking cessation
  • Access preventive health guidelines for adults and children to make sure your and your family’s screenings and immunizations are current

No. 2: Earn Life Points®

If your health plan includes Life Points, you can earn points for a number of healthy behaviors, including getting an annual exam, completing a personal health assessment, or participating in CDPHP community wellness classes. Click on the Learn more and start earning today! link in the Earn Rewards for Healthy Activities box when you log in to access your Life Points account.

No. 3: View Your Benefits

By clicking on the View Benefits icon that’s displayed in the green bar at the top of the page, you’ll see a breakdown of your medical, prescription, and dental plans, as well as your HRA and/or FSA details. Click on My Member Materials to review your welcome kit, which includes your contract and details about your specific plan. Using the Benefit Search function in the middle, you can learn more about your coverage before you even head out to the doctor’s office, including whether the deductible applies, the coinsurance and copay, and limit for every type of service you can think of.

No. 4: Access Your ID Card

Your health insurance ID card contains valuable information about your health plan and coverage, so if you misplace it, you’ll definitely want to replace it. Fortunately, you can do just that quickly and easily via your online account. Click the Member ID Cards icon to view and print your card and order a new one for yourself and your covered family members.

No. 5: Track Your Claims and Health Funding Account Activity

Wondering about the status of a particular claim or how your HRA, FSA, or HSA dollars are spent? Click the Claims Center icon to track medical, dental, and prescription claims for you and your dependents. To check your health funding account spending, click the HRA and FSA tabs.

No. 6: Manage Your Health Funding Account(s)

The tools and forms you need to manage your HRA, FSA, and/or HSA are available in the Online Forms section on your homepage.

  • Use the Claim Form to get money back for a medical expense or prescription you paid for using your account. Be sure to attach your receipt.
  • Click Debit Card Request to order a new or replacement card for yourself or dependents 18 and Top Reasons to Log In_Did you know_GIRLolder.
  • If you receive a letter in the mail from CDPHP requesting that you validate an HRA, FSA, and/or HSA expense, you can take care of it quickly and easily online by clicking Substantiation Form. Again, you’ll need to attach a receipt to further support your purchase.
  • Lastly, if you want to set up direct deposit for any payments you’re expecting from CDPHP, simply click Direct Deposit Request.

No. 7: Send CDPHP a Secure Email

If you have a question about your benefits or a claim, save yourself a phone call and instead send CDPHP a secure email by clicking Mail Center. This is a quick and convenient way to contact us about your benefits.

No. 8: Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

CDPHP teamed up with CVS CaremarkTM to manage our members’ pharmacy benefits. You can view your Rx plan and benefits, order prescriptions, contact a pharmacist, and more. After you log in, click the Caremark link under My Resources.

No. 9: View Your Dental Coverage

View your dental benefits and claims activity, find a dentist, and more by clicking the Delta Dental or DentaQuest link under the My Resources column.

No. 10: Ensure Your Health Information is Accessible Top Reasons to Log In_Did you know_GUY

Plan for a healthy, secure future by completing a Release of Health Information form, which grants a family member, friend, or another trusted individual access to your important health information. This form is especially recommended for college students 18 and older so parents can help manage their health plan, people with caregivers in the event these individuals need assistance with making decisions, and spouses so sound choices can be made in emergency situations. The form is on the right-hand side under Online Forms. Once you complete it, click Submit.

And There’s More!

In addition, along the right side of the Home, View Benefits, Claims Center, and My Account pages is a series of links where you can locate your plan documents, search for prior authorizations, and access various resources so you can better understand your health plan and get the most out of it to stay healthy. Plus, you can conveniently download the My CDPHP Mobile app to view your benefit information and ID card, and find a doctor.

So What are You Waiting For? Now that we’ve given you some of the top reasons to use your account, register and log in today!

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