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Whether your company is large or small, the continuing changes in health care laws will affect the way benefits are offered to your employees. Keeping up with it all is enough to make anyone’s head spin, even as an HR professional or plan benefit administrator. We understand that as an employer, you face the daily struggle of wanting your employees to be healthy and well-cared for, along with the reality that you need to keep your company’s expenses as low as possible.

At CDPHP, we aim to please: That’s why we want the process of selecting the plan that best suits your company’s needs to be simple and why we make our offerings as user-friendly and comprehensive for your employees as we can. After all, if your employees are happy and healthy, then you can maximize your workforce productivity. Members will benefit from a host of online services, as well as the My CDPHP Mobile app, which allows them to find providers, check benefits, email their ID cards, and more. We also offer plenty of resources so that you can compare plans and determine exactly what your costs will be and how to educate your employees so that they can make the best use of our services.

Here, we’ll make sure that you’re keeping up to date with health care reform. That way, you can be sure that you’re in compliance with even the newest regulations, and you can also determine how to offer your employees the most comprehensive coverage, while minimizing the costs to your business.

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