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Getting Fit without Spending a Fortune

Quitting the gym isn’t normally a good thing – unless you quit the gym to join CDPHP Fitness Connect. For Lauren Bailey, quitting her paid, traditional gym and joining Fitness Connect not only gave her a better workout experience, it also saved her about $1,500 per year.

Lauren went to the Delmar Fitness Connect location last spring just looking for a quick treadmill workout. Almost immediately, she felt right at home.

“It was the perfect size for me,” she said. “It’s small and accessible, and I don’t feel like I’m in a sea of treadmills.”

She also likes the flexible hours and the location. The Delmar facility is in the Community Care Health Park next to the Albany County Rail Trail, which is perfect for when Lauren wants to use the weights inside and then run outside.

“I like that it’s open until 11 p.m. I can go at 9 at night and don’t feel like I’m getting kicked out,” she said.

Giving up her traditional gym membership and personal trainer for free access to Fitness Connect has allowed Lauren to invest in other healthy activities, like a gymnastics class and using a personalized streaming workout app that guides her through routines.

She said Fitness Connect has everything she needs to get the effective workout she’s looking for, including cardio machines like treadmills and elliptical machines, as well as free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells. It’s also closer to her Albany apartment than her previous gym. Lauren, the mobility manager for CDTA, used to spend 15 minutes in the car to get a workout. Now, it takes only 10 minutes by car or an easy 18 minutes by bus.

Lauren is so happy with her experience at Fitness Connect that she advises friends and coworkers to consider what they want or need in a gym, and then look at Fitness Connect before looking at paid gyms.

“It’s like I have a personal gym that’s small enough that I can be happy,” she said, “without the stress or expense of a gym membership.”

Kristin Schultz
About the Author

Kristin came to CDPHP in 2018 and is a communications specialist. She writes and edits content for use in internal and external communications. She has a background in journalism, and most recently worked for a local daily newspaper. Kristin has also been a staff writer for a monthly food and beverage magazine in the Midwest. She loves learning new things and trying new food. She will never turn down a bowl of noodles or falafel. Kristin likes to travel and explore with her husband and two children.

29 Responses to “Getting Fit without Spending a Fortune”

  1. Brian Ewing

    Is there a gym In Niskayuna or Schenetady that I can join using my CDPHP membership? Thanks

  2. Joe Repetur

    Is Delmar the only location? I’m in Greene county and Delmar is farther than my gym.

  3. kathy Raymond

    I have been trying to figure out how to join the CDPHP Gym for months and, there is hype about it, and I have heard good thing from co-workers that say, just go to the site, but just like right now, with your nice write up about Lauren’s story, there is no where to go to join…What am I missing? Thank you!

  4. Kelly Waters

    Loved what I happened to read on the Free Workout of a Gym with CDPHP… My daughter and I have been looking
    around to which one with the Cost was very hard. Now need to know of where About would the listing be and how
    Can I get that listing.

  5. Stacy berry

    Do you give discounts for the Ymca

  6. Faye Bruyn

    Is there a gym available in Schoharie, NY? We do have a small gym in Schoharie. Should I ask the owner to call the plan?

  7. Arden VanNatten

    Where are the other 4 free gyms located?

  8. Sabrina Heilmann

    Please try to locate a gym in Schenectady

    • Kristin Schultz

      Hi Sabrina, thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely looking into adding more CDPHP Fitness Connect locations.

  9. Sharom

    Looking for a swim class to help a back and joint issue in the PM

  10. Michele smith

    Is there gym in Gansevoort ny

  11. Cathy Unislawski

    Will there be any in the Fulton Montgomery County Area?

  12. Terry

    I submitted my receipts for my gym membership for the 2018 year (printed by the gym) along with the CDPHP reimbursement form. I received a rejection for reimbursement in the mail.
    My gym is Best Fitness and I attend 3-5 days per week.
    No reason was given for why the reimbursement was rejected.

    • Kristin Schultz

      Hi Terry – Thanks for reaching out. We are looking into this for you and a representative has sent you an email to follow-up directly.

  13. Terry

    Thank you.

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