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How this CDPHP member gets what she needs, in sickness and in health

A lot has changed for Theresa Mason and her family over the past nearly 40 years. Her four children grew up, her husband retired, and she’s on her way to having five grandsons by this summer. But one thing has stayed the same – she’s still a CDPHP® member.

“CDPHP has helped us out so much over the years,” said Theresa, who has been a loyal member since CDPHP was launched in 1984.

Getting healthy

In 2012, Theresa donated blood for the first time in a very long time. Hoping to help those in need, she instead received surprising news. “I got a letter from the American Red Cross saying thanks, but no thanks. You have hepatitis C.”

Theresa had unknowingly received infected blood from a blood transfusion during the birth of her first son.

After confirming the diagnosis with her provider, Theresa started exploring her options. She found a doctor working to get a drug for patients with hepatitis C. The good news? The medication was 99 percent effective in curing the condition. The bad news? It cost $80,000, and most health plans didn’t cover it.

“I told my doctor, if I had $80,000, I’d get on a cruise ship, sail around the world, then come home and wait it out,” said Mason.

Theresa never got that cruise around the world, but she did get the medication she needed. And she got it for only $270, thanks to her prescription drug coverage.

Staying healthy

Today, Theresa has a CDPHP Medicare Advantage plan and makes the most of it by using healthy extras like her over-the counter (OTC) benefit that gives her money to spend on OTC health supplies.

“It surprises me when I talk to my friends who have a CDPHP Medicare Advantage plan, and they aren’t using the over-the-counter benefit. Band-aids, toothpaste, toothbrushes – you can get all those things for free!”

Mason also enjoys no-cost gym memberships through SilverSneakers, both at her home in Florida and here in Capital District as part of her Senior Fit program.

“A few years ago after I had knee surgery, I went to the Ciccotti Center three times a week to use the walking track and equipment. Someone even showed me how to do exercises the right way, so I didn’t hurt myself. It was great!”

She even recently saved nearly $200 on one medication alone with her Medicare Advantage prescription plan. “I was shocked when they said my prescription would only be $3!”

It’s these benefits and more that Theresa says will keep her with CDPHP for many years to come.

Sarah Bowman
About the Author

Sarah Bowman is a communications supervisor who joined CDPHP in November 2020. A life-long lover of words, Sarah brings the team 20 years of editing and writing experience gained through her positions at a digital media company, public relations agency, and book publishing house. She attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY where she received her BA in Public Communications. Sarah currently resides in the Capital Region with her husband and son where she enjoys long family walks, Broadway shows, and finding the next great streaming series to binge.

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