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Hixny: Your Source for Secure, Real-time Patient Data

The Healthcare Information Exchange of New York (Hixny) is a non-profit, local health information network that supports the secure flow of electronic health information through the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY), which is overseen by the New York State Department of Health. It was established to help improve patient outcomes, reduce or eliminate unnecessary or duplicative tests and procedures, and lower the cost of care. 

Is Hixny secure?

Yes, Hixny takes data information seriously. Their enterprise-grade systems are protected by the same technology, protocols and systems used by the military, law enforcement and leading financial institutions. They are consistently and independently audited, evaluated and enhanced. 

How will enrolling in Hixny benefit my practice and my patients? 

CDPHP is actively encouraging our members to enroll in Hixny through their providers and CDPHP. Patients may begin to expect that their providers have instant access to their records. Enrollment in Hixny allows you access to your patients’ medical records so you can efficiently and effectively coordinate their care while improving quality of care and patient satisfaction.

What patient information will be available to me on Hixny?

Hixny can provide a more complete picture of your patients and their health history.  Through their records, you can obtain crucial information about your patients—including their prescription medication history, allergies, medical conditions, and recent specialist visits—that can better inform your approach to their care. In the event of an emergency, by having medical records readily available via Hixny, you could literally save their life.

How do I register with Hixny?
You may call the CDPHP provider relations department at (518) 641-3890 or email ProviderRelationsDepartment@cdphp.com for further assistance.  Have more questions about Hixny?

Visit the Hixny website for additional information.

Adele O'Connell
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Adele joined CDPHP in 2004 as an internal communications and event specialist. She then spent eight years coordinating the company’s community relations and corporate events program, in which capacity she worked with a host of non-profit organizations and co-chaired the CDPHP annual Charity of Choice campaign. Currently, she is a communications specialist and coordinator of corporate member engagement and serves on the boards of two local charities. Prior to CDPHP, Adele served as a legislative assistant for a trade association and as an acquisitions and developmental editor, specializing in educational and medical publishing. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Rosemont College.

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  1. William Carentz

    I am a CDPHP LCSW-R mental health provider in private practice. Do I need to enroll in this?

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