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New AI Technology Enhances Colonoscopy Screenings in the Capital Region

A powerful new tool in the fight against colorectal cancer has arrived in the Capital Region thanks to the GI specialists at Albany Gastroenterology Consultants (AGC).

In January 2023, the practice began offering patients enhanced colonoscopy screening with a new artificial intelligence technology, called GI Genius™.

A first of its kind, and first in the Capital Region, GI Genius is a computer-aided polyp detection system that works in real time as your doctor performs your colonoscopy.

Leveraging deep-learning algorithms, it scans images transmitted via colonscope for areas consistent with colorectal lesions. When found, it highlights suspicious lesions such as polyps and adenomas with a visual marker for your doctor to investigate or remove for biopsy.

“Albany Gastroenterology Consultants is proud to be the first GI specialty practice in the area offering AI-assisted colonoscopies to its patients,” said Dr. Joseph Choma, AGC’s lead practitioner in AI-assisted colonoscopies.

“Every time we can make tests more accurate and increase detection rates, we increase our patients’ chances for a positive outcome. There’s nothing more important to us than that.”

GI Genius has a 99.7 percent sensitivity rate1 and less than 1 percent false activations1, performing real-time analysis 82 percent faster than the doctor1.

An ever-vigilant second observer, this new technology helps doctors find polyps that may have once gone undetected by the human eye.

Early Detection Matters

Calendar with the word Colonoscopy written on a date

Nearly all colorectal cancers start as precancerous polyps that are often present for years before they develop into invasive cancer.

When caught early, colorectal cancer is treatable and beatable! That’s why it’s important to follow recommended screening guidelines even if you don’t have any symptoms.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that screening for colorectal cancer begin at 45 years old.

There are several screening options available, including colonoscopy. Your doctor can help you determine which test is right for you.

Take Action. Schedule Your Colorectal Cancer Screening Today.

Albany Gastroenterology Consultants has offices in Albany and Clifton Park. They offer same-day and same-week appointments for new and existing patients in their Clifton Park office located in the 1785 Specialty Medical Practices Building, powered by CDPHP.

  1. Hassan C, Wallace MB, Sharma P, et al. New artificial intelligence system: first validation study versus experienced endoscopists for colorectal polyp detection. Gut. 2020;69:799–800.
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6 Responses to “New AI Technology Enhances Colonoscopy Screenings in the Capital Region”

  1. Cheryl Gillen

    More people would get a colonoscopy if the prep of it wasn’t so horrible.

    • Johnathon Hall

      Bowel preparation has improved over the years. You no longer need to drink a gallon of terrible-tasting liquid, but that said you do still have to flush your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It’s important to discuss these concerns with your provider. There are other at-home screening tests. Your provider can help you find the test that is right for you.

  2. barry sargent

    you say you have same day or same week appointments for new and existing patients but i cant ge an appointment unti april 20th

    • Johnathon Hall

      Hi Barry, Albany Gi will call you today.

  3. Lisa

    Do we still need someone to pick us up, if so does a cab count?

    • Johnathon Hall

      Patients can take a cab, medical transportation, uber, etc. as long as there is a responsible adult that they know riding with them.

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