Enrolling in and using health insurance can be confusing, even when you know that you have great coverage and providers. The acronyms alone can throw you for a loop. We can simplify the process, though, by showing you how to navigate your coverage. You can easily find providers and discover even more ways that you can save money by using your CDPHP health insurance. For example, some policies will cover gym memberships, visits to nutritionists, or other wellness and lifestyle benefits.

We’ll also address the questions you may have surrounding your insurance plan. What really happens if you need emergency medical care? Which preventive services does your insurance cover? Do you know which providers are in your network? What if you have to see an out-of-network specialist? When is it more cost-effective to go to an urgent care center, rather than an emergency room? Are there additional costs besides the copay that you will have to pay for certain services?

CDPHP strives to not only provide excellent health care coverage for you and your family, but also to give you answers, making your plan simple and stress-free to use. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the nuts and bolts of how our plans work so that you can be ready with your best asset: Information.

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