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When patients, providers, and health insurance companies work together, we can create happier, healthier communities. CDPHP values the partnership we have with you and want to work alongside you to make sure you have the resources you need to get your job done. From easy access to patient benefit and claims information through the provider portal to in-office visits from our provider relations team, CDPHP is committed to working with you.

Chances are the health care landscape today looks much different than when you started your career: regulations are implemented and then change, quality measures evolve and shift, and patients face an increasingly complicated and costly system. We’re committed to keeping you up to date with news you need to know. Visit here often for the information and resources you need to stay current on the local health care landscape.

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Screening Tools for Measuring Depression

When a patient seeks treatment for depression, it’s a good idea for the physician to use a scale to measure subjective symptoms. Several screening tools are available to assess mood, motivation level, and suicidal thoughts. For example, the Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (PHQ-2) is an appropriate tool for identifying depression in teens and adults, whereas older patients should be screened with a Geriatric Depression Scale. If the scores on these tools are indicative of depression, treatment is likely warranted.

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The Doctor Is In

Access to quality health care is essential to the health of a community. When experiencing a health issue, patients want to know that they can see their provider/doctor within an appropriate time frame. CDPHP has established access standards to make sure members can access the health care they need when they need it.

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