The CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge: Your Donations at Work!

Back in May of 2019, you may have been one of the 10,000 participants who laced up their sneakers to run, jog, or walk in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge. Your participation and donation also directly impacted two local organizations: The Albany Damien Center and Family Promise of the Capital Region.

As we open the application process for the 2020 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge Charities of Choice, we wanted to let you know how your generosity helped both the Damien Center and Family Promise expand and enhance their programming.

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Enjoy More Savings with Member Deals

With CDPHP Member Deals, you have access to deep discounts on attractions, sporting events, movies, shows, and new deals that you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re looking to spend a couple hours outside the house, or make a day out of it, CDPHP Member Deals give you plenty of options!

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Tired of Being Stuck Inside All Winter? Try Cross Country Skiing

During the fall and winter, the days can seem painfully short in this part of the country. It’s easy to snuggle up on the couch, dive into a homemade tin of cookies and some hot chocolate around the holidays, and bundle up for the long, cold weeks of winter that follow. As the season stretches on, that inactivity and those bad habits can lead to weight gain (despite your best efforts to eat healthy), decreased fitness, and the dreaded feeling of cabin fever.

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I’m a Retired Small Business Owner, and I’m Terrified by the Thought of Single Payer Health Care

I’m a retired plumber from Coxsackie, NY with a laundry list of health conditions, not the least of which is blindness. A few years ago after suffering a stroke, I signed up for health insurance coverage through CDPHP. Not long after enrolling, I got a call from a CDPHP nurse who said I was overdue for a colonoscopy.

Let me repeat that, my health insurer called to say I was overdue for a cancer screening, and even offered to help me schedule an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised by the gesture and took her up on the offer.

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