Understanding Bullying

The start of a new school year is often cause for great excitement and eager anticipation for students and parents alike. But if your child ends up being the victim of bullying at school, that excitement can quickly give way to anxiety, depression, changes in sleep and dietary patterns, health issues, absenteeism, and a decline in academic performance, among other effects. continue reading →

running shoes

Buying the Right Running Shoes to Prevent Injury

Running is a great way to increase your fitness. However, as with a lot of sports and activities, it can be hard on your body unless you use the right equipment. Just like bicycling requires a properly fitted helmet, running requires specific shoes that are designed for that activity and that fit you well. continue reading →

annual physical

Making the Most of Your Annual Physical

Your annual physical with your doctor is one of the most important aspects to staying healthy. Think of your doctor as your “home base” – he or she is usually the person who coordinates your health care, whether that means referring you to specialists, managing your medications, or just keeping tabs on any conditions or potential conditions that might arise. Use these tips to prepare for your next visit. continue reading →